Easy home updates you can do this weekend

You might have an appetite for tweaking your home’s appearance, especially if it is currently rather tired. However, if you have a busy life and so wouldn’t have time beyond this weekend in which to improve your home, you should be careful not to take on too large a project.

If you are a DIY novice, you might remain unsure where exactly the line is between a weekend project and something more ambitious – but all of the following ideas can be realised in a weekend.

Don’t have a patio? Make one

This is possible with flagstone – you wouldn’t even need any mortar, says Better Homes & Gardens. To allow members of the household easy access to that patio, you could also arrange the installation of sliding aluminium patio doors; to source these, turn to a patio doors supplier like Bifold Shop.

The finishing touches to that patio could include potted plants. You could also add outdoor seating like a bistro set or chairs of a wide range of colours.

Switch to more eco-friendly windows

Your home might have windows that are often battered by winter winds – especially if those windows face where the winds prevail. Such windows could too easily leak cold into your home and so necessitate you upping your spending on energy to keep the building comfortably warm.

Still, you might be able to spare yourself expenditure on such if you instead have those windows replaced with more energy-efficient alternatives which Bifold Shop can also provide.

Give your dining room dimmable lighting

Imagine how luxurious your eating experience would be if, on every dining occasion at home, you felt like you were in a posh restaurant? That’s actually much more palatable than you might have realised, as you could arrange to have dimmers fitted onto your dining room’s lights.

To go with the dimmer switches, you can opt for standard incandescent bulbs or, should you instead favour fluorescent light, special dimmable bulbs.

Everything including the bathroom sink

If your bathroom looks rather stale, you could energise it by replacing the sink. First, though, take your needs into close account. You should assess those needs by, when you see a particular model of sink in a showroom, standing before that sink and then acting out your morning routine.

You could pick up on whether there is sufficient space in which you can brush your teeth or place contacts onto your eyes. Consider both aesthetic and practical concerns.

Give an existing desk area a makeover

If you have something of a home office, you could paint the chair in a new, eye-catching shade, suggests Ideal Home. However, apply that paint strictly to the seat and back of the chair, leaving its legs unadorned. Meanwhile, the desk could be given accessories in a colour matching the paint.

As for the desk itself, make it white. This would further add to the pleasingly contrasting effect and so can leave you with a home office that is both pretty and practical.



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