Easy ways to declutter

Clutter. We all have it, taking up valuable space in our homes and making our rooms feel untidy. It’s time to declutter and reclaim your home!

Decluttering can seem a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some easy ways to cut back on the clutter.

1.  Find the hotspots. Make a list of your ‘clutter hotspots’ to tackle. That pile of unopened post; an array of kicked-off shoes; that collection of ‘things that might come in useful’. Arrange the list in order of priority and aim to tackle one at a time – it’s less intimidating that way. Give yourself a deadline and meet it. You’ll be amazed how good it to sort out a messy wardrobe or hallway. This blog lists 13 clutter hotspots – how many are you aware of?

2.  The Three Box method. Label three boxes for each decluttering job: Keep, Bin and Store. Decide which box each item belongs in. Find a home for things in the Keep box, put the Store box in the loft or shed, and we’ll let you work out what to do with the other one!

3. Use your storage – or make more! Make the most of your cupboard and storage space. This not only clears clutter but helps prevent it building up again. So once that pesky cupboard has been cleared out, put it to good use and hide away items that would usually be on display. You know the sort of thing; handbags, shopping bags or jackets. Things not regularly in use can be hung up and stored out of sight. Introduce new storage solutions too – try adding a basket near the door for shoes, or even something like this, and make everyone use it.

4. Blitz the bathroom. Bathrooms are inevitably a clutter hotspot. All those lotions and potions… not to mention cleaning products. Throw away anything that’s expired or rarely used. For the items left over, vanity units are a godsend. Not only are they a good way to update your bathroom’s look, they give you great storage space for spare toilet rolls and items that aren’t in daily use. You’ll be impressed with how much more appealing it is to spend time in a clutter free bathroom.

Once you’ve achieved your clutter-free home, it’s easier to stop it building up again. Keep an eye on those hotspots and clear as you go. It will make your home feel bigger, more loved and a more relaxing place to be.


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