Easy ways to gain more followers on Instagram

Instagram is becoming a more competitive place for business. If you don’t have enough budget to jump-start the campaigns, then you have to choose ‘free promotional’ ways. In order to promote your account, you only need to invest lots of hours every day.

Connect a business account

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Instagram business accounts on Instagram are needed not only for businessmen. If you decide to thoroughly start promoting your own profile, first of all, settle this issue.

What are the benefits of a business account? Your possibilities increase significantly, since it has a number of specific functions :

  • extended description;
  • buttons for quick communication (mail, number, directions);
  • advertising cabinet;
  • complete statistics (clicks, conversions, subscriptions, traffic).

Simply put, if you want to keep your finger on the pulse, take a few minutes of your personal time to get a business profile.

To go to a business account, in the upper right corner, click on three strips, go to “Settings”, and then to the “Account” section. Then click on the line – “Switch to a professional account”.

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Relevant profile name

A well-known principle is at work here, which for some reason is sometimes neglected – the simpler, the better. If this is a personal profile, use the first and last name, and for commercial pages, the tandem of the name of the service (product) and the city is ideal.

Try to make sure your account name contains keywords that make your page easy to find. If the business does not have a specific geographic point, then the name of the city is optional.

Take care of your avatar

They are greeted by their clothes, so we recommend that you pay special attention to the avatar. If you are promoting a personal blog, then, of course, put your own high-quality portrait taken against a white background. The photo should evoke positive emotions in potential followers, so forget about the gloomy expression on your face.

If you are selling something, then use the product image as an avatar . Ideal is a brand logo. Avoid small details and bright colors. The snapshot should evoke certain associations with your products among users.

A good avatar will play a role during your search. For example, a client is looking for a beautiful bouquet in a gift box, clearly imagining how it should look.

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He drives “flowers in a box” into the search bar and sees a lot of different accounts. Which one will he choose? Naturally, one that reflects the essence and justifies his expectations.

Come up with a succinct profile description

The difficulty lies in the fact that you need to try to fit all the important information into 150 characters. Brand name, industry, contact details, differences from competitors and unique selling proposition.

The main purpose of the profile header is to hook the client, so immediately exclude unnecessary “water” and inaccurate wording.

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What should 150 characters include?

  • Occupation. If you are a good pastry chef, then do not write “make other people’s dreams come true.” Yes, it is beautiful, but irrational, because this phrase is easy to apply to almost any area. “Gluten-free cakes,” “vegan desserts,” “sugar-free and lactose-free cakes,” and so on — there is a clear detachment from the competition.
  • Address if your business is located in a specific location.
  • Hooks. For example, “free shipping”.
  • Contact details. Phone, email address, links to instant messengers and other social networks.
  • Schedule.
  • If there is a site, then insert an active link in the header .
  • A clear call to action (click, go, buy).


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