Easy ways to update and refresh your bedroom

With every season change comes that itch to change or update your bedroom. It’s normal to grow tired of looking at the same old décor. So, making small changes is a great way to get excited about your bedroom again.

Whether you’re thinking of changing the colour of your bedding, adding a lick of paint or even just swapping furniture around, we have some great ideas on how to refresh your bedroom.

Reinvent with wallpaper

Nothing takes focus like a feature wall. So why not consider some funky patterned wallpaper? If you shop savvy, it can be cheap and relatively easy to put up yourself.

Statement wallpaper designs are the latest trending concept. Full wall patterns work well in modern, angular aesthetic homes.

 Add a splash of colour

Making small changes to your colour scheme can do your bedrooms interior the world of good. Not only will a colourful bedroom brighten your mood, but it can change the whole feel of the room. 

Consider painting a feature wall in navy blue. Navy is an increasingly popular interior colour and it’s not hard to see why. It creates a beautiful contrast. Especially when paired with pale wooden textures.

Alternatively, you can change your whole bedroom scheme by simply incorporating colour into your rug, bed throws and cushions, to give a finished look.

Go neutral

A change to your bedroom doesn’t always have to mean an injection of colour. You can always go the opposite way and switch to neutral tones.

Neutral décor is perfect for the bedroom. It creates a serene sleeping environment for you to unwind in. Think oatmeal, taupe and off-whites for your colour scheme. Go a step further and upcycle any dated wooden furniture with a lick of white paint. This will create the perfect shabby chic look.

Finish off by accessorising with plenty of pictures and botanicals.

Rearrange the furniture

If you love you colour scheme, there are other ways to completely change the feel of your room. Why not spend a bit of time rearranging your furniture?

Moving the bed from the center of the room into a corner will provide more floor space. The key to make any room look larger is to have as much of the floor on show as possible.

If possible, place a dressing table in front of the window. It’s the best place for natural lighting when doing your makeup. 

Add statement features

If the overall feeling in your bedroom is a little staid, try adding some interesting/statement features.

Persian rugs are perfect for injecting style and character into a bedroom. Their symmetrical pattern will bring a sophisticated bohemian style to any room.

Bold mirrors are a beautiful statement piece for your room. Opt for an oversized mirror, to create the illusion of a more spacious room. When It comes to statement pieces, oversized is the way to go. Particularly, window mirrors. Their size and style will draw people’s eye and not to mention, they look incredible.

Other oversized accessories such as wall art, creates a focal point for your bedroom. Choose colours that will match or stand out against the rest of your rooms colour scheme. Depending on the layout of the room, consider hanging a mirror above your bed or on a bare wall and make sure the wall art has room to breathe. 

Remember to only have one statement piece per room. You don’t want to overdo it and ruin your rooms scheme. 

Change up your radiators

Radiators may be the last thing you’d think about changing when it comes to revamping your bedroom but, give us a minute, because updating your radiators can make a huge difference to your bedroom.

Create a bold and daring look and bring luxurious warmth to your bedroom with a coloured radiator. They’re available in almost any colour option, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Striking colours will give your room that a lovely little revamp. 

If you love dark interiors, consider metallics rads. Gold and bronze finishes will leave your room looking more striking than ever. 


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