What You Want from Your Marine and Boat Hardware Components

If you own a boat or take care of one, you should know all about the components that work best with nautical vessels.

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You can’t trust just any marine hardware parts because they have to stand up to salt in the air and possible corrosion.

Let’s look at what you’ll want to see from the marine hardware parts you get. There are different ones on the market, but you should certainly look for the following qualities.

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What Kinds of Hardware Pieces and Parts Might You Need for Your Boat?

If you buy a boat, you would hope that it already comes with all of the appropriate marine hardware pieces and parts you might need. However, a time may come when you must replace some of them, especially if you own the boat for a long time and eventually need to refurbish it.

You might need things like hinges, hasps, staples, chest handles, and rods. You will likely want them to be stainless steel and to come from a reputable company. The ones you get should have excellent reviews.

If you buy them all from the same company, look online and see what kind of feedback that brand has. Often, you can learn whether a marine supply company has a solid reputation, even if you have never heard of them before. The internet is useful for learning about these companies since you can check out their websites and find what they have to say for themselves.

How Can You Tell Whether Marine Hardware Pieces Are Corrosion-Resistant?

Making sure the boat parts you get are corrosion-resistant is about the most vital thing you can do if you’re replacing some marine equipment for your seagoing vessel. That is because if a boat is out on the water all the time or sitting in a marina, the air is full of salt from the water, which will impact all the elements you find onboard.

When you look at all the hasps, handles, and so forth that you need, you must make sure they’re the right size for the place you’re going to put them. You should also check to see if they are corrosion-resistant. If they are, it should mention that somewhere on the product page or in the package description.

If you’re not sure, based on the description, whether a piece is corrosion-resistant or not, you can always reach out to the manufacturer. The company that makes it should be able to tell you whether it is suitable for nautical purposes.

The Warranty

You should look into whether the parts you’re considering come with a decent warranty or not. For pieces like this, you might expect a warranty of at least 1-2 years, though some of them come with longer ones.

If there is no warranty, you should probably go with another company. A credible business entity should have no problem giving you a warranty on the marine parts they offer.

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Should You Get Stainless Steel or Aluminum Components?

You might also notice that some of these nautical parts you find come in aluminum or stainless steel. You may not be sure which one you should get.

Either stainless steel or aluminum can work in a nautical setting. Some people like to choose based on aesthetics.

However, what you should really think about is where you’re sailing or mooring the boat. Aluminum is an excellent electrical conductor, so if your boat is going to be out in a storm and lightning worries you, you may go with stainless steel components for that reason alone.

Stainless steel can retain its qualities at a higher temperature, though, and aluminum does not do as well in intense heat. If you know that you’re going to be sailing and the weather will be scorching, you might opt for stainless steel pieces for that reason.

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What Else Will You Need to See from Your Nautical Components?

Price should also be something that enters into your buying process. You don’t want to get pieces at rock-bottom prices if the company’s reputation isn’t so great. However, you probably have a set amount that you can pay, and you’ll want a company that meets your financial needs.

If you can get some marine equipment or parts in bulk at a discounted rate, maybe that will convince you to go with one company over another. If the company you’re looking at won’t give you any discount if you buy in bulk, look elsewhere.


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