Ecological Design Inspired by the Iconic Eames Chair

Designers Olivia Meillassoux and Céline Coutard took the idea of the iconic Eames Chair design from 50’s further and came up with a modern ecological design of that chair. Unlike the well-known Eames Chair designed by  Hermann Miller in 1956 which was made of fiberglass and resin, Rolling Chair pays tribute to environmental responsability which consists of bamboo rolled up and glued together with ecological resin, thus resulting a highly original and attractive piece of furniture.

It’s ecological design evoking natural and organic forms gives the chair an instantaeous dose of fantastic, rustic appeal: rough and smooth in the same time. How did they achieve this? Designer Olivia Meillassoux compared the Rolling Chair with ” a rough stone that has been polished so as to become a precious stone”. The interior is composed of bamboo strips shaping free-forms design which are very apparent on the back rest and seating space, natural wood feet screwed in the seat, while the exterior is lacquered, homogeneous, painted on the outside in a vivid green color that beautifully contrasts with the natural bamboo color. It’s a great addition for everyone’s interior who want a unique chair design, especially for those who pay attention and are preoccupied about environment.

Photos: © Olivia Meillassoux.


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