Elegance: The essence of Peel and Stick Wallpapers

Peel and stick wallpaper is the hottest trend in the millennial populace, with its demand being fueled by the relative ease of putting up wallpaper without having to use paste. Peel and stick wallpapers give freedom to decorate and have a personal touch to your space as you want and whenever you want. 

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It only takes few hours, and it can be a great weekend activity if you are into DIY stuff! Just take the measurements of your wall, purchase the necessary amount of wallpaper, clean the surface of the wall and start applying it – in no more than three hours, your space will reflect the vibe you have aimed for.

When it is time to take the hard decisions to remove the wallpaper for a newer and trendier design strip a corner of the wallpaper from the knife and peel it off. It is just as simple as that.

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Peel and stick wallpapers come in a variety of materials. Some of them are listed below: –

  • Vinyl: – It is the most common one and easiest to wash. The only problem is that according to some studies, this material can release fumes of vinyl chloride, a known human carcinogenic, into the home.
  • Textile: – These wallpapers give you an elegant touch of cloth-like feel. They give away an elegant vibe along with a physical dimension to the wallpaper.
  • Paintable Wallpaper or Anaglypta Wallpaper: – You can paint on these wallpapers!! So, they are best for the painters or designers, or folks who want to make the space as their thought process.
  • Metallic Wallpaper: – These are shiny wallpapers made by applying a thin layer of foil on the surface of the wallpaper. They are best for dimly lit rooms.
  • Grass cloth wallpapers: – These are environment-friendly all-natural wallpapers made from natural grasses. These are woven together with a cotton thread and applied to a paper backing. They give a very cozy and warm feeling to your space.
  • Wood Wallpaper: – This wallpaper is made from wood veneer. It is a rare type of wallpaper. You will not find many homes using this type of wallpaper. So when you apply this wallpaper, it gives you the feeling of being in the woods without even stepping outside.
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These materials bring a unique touch to your space at a more physical level. You can touch your beautiful walls and feel that the texture and pattern radiate your energy.

Wallpaper Designs Trending in 2021

The design of the wallpaper is a very personal choice depending upon your idea of elegance or beautification. It can range from murals and photographs to just a simple cream wallpaper. Peel and stick wallpaper gives you the freedom to try as many designs as you want for your walls. Over the years, you can change as much wallpaper as you want, according to the latest trends. All of these factors depend upon how you envision your four walls in imagination.

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Here are some of the trendiest wallpaper designs to decorate your walls: –

  • Maximalist: – It has been on the mark to rise again among some trendsetters. They are embracing the extravagance of larger-than-life designs that are the by-product of maximalism. 
  • Optical illusions: – Use the wallpaper to trick your eyes with intricate patterns on your walls. For example, you can tile wallpapers to give an impression of a tile pattern on your wall. It is a beautiful way of putting three-dimensional images on your wall.
  • Modern and Artistic wallpapers: – These are the tribute to the minimalist lifestyle. These are at the juxtaposition of chic fashion, stark glamour, and simplicity. They are very artistic, holding a deep meaning in them with different interpretations for different personalities.
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As you can see, it’s quite easy to decorate your walls with self-adhesive wallpaper. You can stick the wallpaper without the hassle that’s usually associated with it.. When it comes to changing and peeling, pry the wallpaper from one corner to remove the whole thing.


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