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Fashion and interior design are two major ways we can showcase and embrace our style. We welcome colour and life into our homes just as we do into our bodies. Fabrics we choose, shapes we prefer, and eras we secretly wish we had lived in reflect our inspirations and creativity.

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When we leave the office or return from a long trip, we end up back at home, the place we can always rely on. A house is more than walls and a roof; it is where we hold our hearts, our minds, and our passions. We should feel safe and happy when we have that constant in our lives. Don’t worry if you haven’t yet decorated your home-it’s never too late to make it your own. A home should be a place of comfort, not chaos or a black hole.

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1. Artwork on a wall

An entire wall dedicated to framed art is a great way to liven up a space and make quite a statement. A wall filled with small and medium-sized framed works acts like a mini museum, even if you want to keep things traditional with one or two large paintings.

You can use the exact same frame for each piece of art, or play around with different frames. Art serves as an excellent conversation starter when guests visit. For example, you might select gold frames in different sizes and styles.

The frames don’t even need anything inside them if you want to get even more creative. Yes, you can hang empty frames, and maybe paint the wall a different colour than the rest of the room so it pops even more. You probably already have some of these things around the house that you can hang.

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2. Furniture with a sleek modern design

The ozthings.com.au you choose are comfortable which deliver the latest trends with saving the money and time.You’ll spend most of your time lounging on it while watching The Crown, so choosing the right one is crucial.

Our organic sofa line is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a modern sofa with straight lines that are simple yet striking. Verona organic sofas, loveseats, and armchairs are made with natural Talalay latex, certified organic fabrics, sustainable maple, and zero-VOC finishes. It’s the perfect line for those who care about the environment.

We also offer customizable furniture. We offer two arm heights (30″ or 23″), plus two seat cushion options: Soft and Firm. Interior design isn’t static, it’s endless and filled with possibilities, which is why our furniture reflects that philosophy.

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3. Rugs from the past

There are a lot of vintage rug accounts on Instagram, and I’m pretty obsessed with them. The patterns and colours are so varied, but I’ve noticed red rugs are particularly popular. I love vintage pieces in general, whether they are rugs, tables, paintings, etc. These pieces are special because they tell a story, and you’re repurposing an item that needs a new home as well.

The type of statement you want to make with rugs, in particular, is all up to you. Getting a bolder rug will make the room stand out if the furniture is neutral. Perhaps you prefer a completely neutral colour scheme with small pops of colour (we’ll talk about that soon).

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4. Greenery Is Always A Good Idea

It is amazing how plants can transform a boring room into something amazing. Any room that felt a bit drab and dull before will feel vibrant and alive with the vibrant shades of green (and the increase in oxygen).

The benefits of introducing plants into your home extend beyond their aesthetic appeal. The presence of plants adds moisture to the air and is even considered to be a natural air purifier.

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Lavender and chrysanthemums are also good stress relievers.

The succulent is perhaps the most Instagram-famous plant at the moment. Decoratively atop your mantle or built-in bookshelf, they’re small enough to be placed on a side table. There is intrigue in their thick and contoured shape.


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