Element House, a Simple Space Made of Matter and Light

The Element House is the perfect place for passers that need to halt, to rest on the simple space, but with a special architecture, the house is situated on the river, and a forest park and the Seoul metropolitan area, it is the perfect place where people may have a shelter in their journey to return to the city, It is an invitation space for users of the Anyang Resort.


On the building of this line we can see that the first and main room is the biggest, is a cubic space made of steel, this space is too small travelling to other rooms, these compact cameras are made of wood, to note is that each room includes many symbolic recommendation and based on the main elements (fire, water, air, earth). It is particularly pleasing that the material used is steel rusty colors that perfectly imitating nature around it.






Element House Project information:

The project name Element House located on Anyang Park, Anyang on Seoul, South Korea, has a 72 m2 floor area and is made it on 2006 for Anyang Public Art Project, this significant project is designed by Rintala Eggertsson Architects and their team. This Project Is made by a Site-specific architectural base to Bisan Urban Natural Park, Anyang Resort.




All images © Rintala Eggertsson


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