Beautiful Architecture with Willow Sculptures

The creators of willow sculptures, Trevor Leath is one of the most quite important in the UK, using traditional techniques that combine beauty with creativity, manages to weave willow over 30 years.

The range of products made of willow architecture technique is varied, making such products as baskets, garden furniture, statues and even willow coffins, in this series are observed-size animal figures made in his technique of weaving the willow, and spectacular giant figures made for exhibitions and events, still find a few of the festivals where they were presented, The Wickerman Festival, The Edinburgh Hogmanay Celebrations and The Burns Light Festival in Dumfries. Visitors are very pleased with this work, as something new, but also a creation of great value in terms of architecture and sculpture from natural and organic materials.
By increasing the willow organic by choosing Old but very adapted varieties to work, lath Trevor manages to amaze with his works of architecture made of willow.

Days in the workshop


 Summer Coffin

 The Wickerman Festival 2012 : Hermes Willow Sculpture

Herne the Hunter ( Wickerman Festival 2011)

 Holm Elephant, Glenkens.

The Siren Willow Sculpture



 The Queen at Falkland Palace, Fife. June 2012


 Sunset Willow Sculpture

 Calgary Woods, Isle of Mull. April 2012

 Gordon Community Woodland


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