Intimacy and Drama: Interior Design Inspired by Halloween Colors

Have you ever thought that Halloween colors that have a long-standing tradition and are in great demand, and highly appreciated for this holiday decor, is an amazing design scheme to use in your interior design all year round? Although, it’s true that it’s a striking color palette you don’t usually see everyday, maybe in this lies the beauty. Classic and predominant colors, orange and black is kind a dramatic contrasts combination usually associated with Halloween and applied to decorations and costumes, but which works fantastically to design any room in your house no matter what your design style is.

Photo © Diego Alejandro Design

Since their origin for this celebration isn’t quite very friendly, orange and black don’t have to be always associated with this kind of meanings. Black means the absence of color and most people associate it with death, mourning, widohood, and generally with formal and serious occasions. In fact, black which goes well with almost any color, except brown, can also be mysterious, sexy, and sophisticated. On the other hand, orange color sparks more controversy than any other hue.

Photo © Blount Architectual and Interior Design

Amazingly versatile and usually unexpected in interior design, orange is a happy color, radiates fun, flamboyance and energy, but used excessively in vibrant shades can be overwhelming. Consider adding one of its warm shades and you’ll have a completely changed room with a modern, glamourous vibe. Black and orange duo is visually striking and going so, you’ll have a warm space that bursts with casual elegance. It’s a high-contrast color combination that gives a sophisticated air to interiors, which can have a dramatic look if you let black dominate.  What do you think seeing these pictures? Would you use these Halloween colors in your house all year round?

Photo © Chad Jackson

Photo © European Cabinets & Design Studios

Photo © Johnson + McLeod Design Consultants

Photo © European Cabinets & Design Studios

 Photo © Molly McGinness Interior

Photo © Cristi Holcombe

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