Trendy Color Combinations: Yellow and Gray

It’s no longer a secret that colors can dramatically update and refresh any space, but it’s always a surprise and joy when you discover new color combinations that you haven’t thought about before which make your room really stand out. Today, we’ll take a look at how a neutral hue plus a primary colour go so well together that create a gorgeous eye-popping style you’ll actually love to try for your own room: gray and yellow. Gray turns out to be a trendy hue not only in fashion, but also regarding interior design; it gives depth to subtle colours and makes bold tones pop.

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Despite it’s a very popular for exterior painting colour schemes, gray works great for interior decorating too. Being not dramatic as black and white, gray is good to use with other colors. The color mixes that you can do with it are almost endless, depending on want to want to achieve and taking into account that each particular shade can evoke very different feelings, having a significant impact on your mood. On the other side, yellow is the most attention-getting color, being the most visible. Bright and cheerful, it brings optimistic feelings. No matter the space you want to design (kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc), pairing gray with any shade of yellow can enliven it and put a stamp of personal style on it. Introducing such colour palette into your interiors, can result into an unexpectedly amazing look as long as you keep the right balance between the shades and their proportions.

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Used properly, on a gray base design, yellow can add a warm glow and a delightful punch of colour, bringing a somewhat surprising and attractive aspect to any space, but it can be very fatiguing to the eye, sometimes creating feelings of frustration and anger if used too much. We recommend you to use lighter shades on large surfaces and darker shades on small once. Sophisticated yet very inviting, this combination works very well any interior style. The contrast between gray and yellow gives a subtle elegance, creating a clean and refreshing appearance anytime. Here you have a few ideas on how great looks gray neutral and yellow. These rooms are anything but trivial. Enjoy!

Photo ©  Berkay Demirkan; NOA Architecture Planning Interiors

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Photo © Michelle Rasmussen

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Photo © Michelle Rasmussen; Michelle Hinckley

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