Spooky Halloween Party Ideas

Always celebrated on October 31st, the last day of the Celtic calendar, Halloween provides the perfect excuse to round up friends and neighbors for a fun party. If you have company this year, take a look and get into the Halloween spirit with these creative Halloween party ideas which helps you to set up the perfect mood for a dramatic Halloween party that will bring out the kid in all of us. Is your house ready for entertaining?

Receive your guests with a scary yet attractive entryway: the entryway is first point of contact with your home’s interior, that’s why if you haven’t bothered so far to do something that stands out, this year put in a little bit of extra effort and produce something totally unique for your entryway creating that enchantingly spooky atmosphere.

A graveyard with styrofoam tombstones, a fantastic handmade witch with row of floating hats and a group of smiling pumpkins, pumpkin lanterns with swirls and flying bats or a decor with burlap banner spelling out “Halloween”, black lacquer frame with a skeleton in it and adorned with some wreaths with rosettes black polka dot ribbons, and  pillows with orange throw, the guests will certainly enjoy your fun decorations and make them think there are yummy treats inside this home.

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A color theme makes decorating much easier: if you want to create a big visual impact, everything should be coordinated and for that you need to pick a color scheme and stick to it. Whether you want that your interior decorations speak with high volume drama or on the countrary, if you are for something more fun and less scary, a color scheme creates a rich and cohesive look. Black, ghostly white or shades of ivory, and silver gives Halloween decor a classic and elegant twist, while the black and orange color scheme has a definite Halloween vibe.

These typical color schemes has been enhanced lately with bold shades of purple, blue and even bright green accents. The dinner table with carefully chosen centerpieces is sure to lead to a thrilling night. Getting in the Halloween spirit means never being scared by a redecorating a little your interior. Some remarkable Jack-o-lanterns and hanging ragged-looking spiderwebs here, black cats, creative skeletons, witches, demons or ghosts there, candles evertwhere and corners with almost no light make a creepy decor successful, ready for your Halloween party.


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