Eleven Ways To Prepare Your Home For Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to start prepping up your home for the season. Your home will require special maintenance when the temperature rises.

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An excellent way to prepare your home and make it look beautiful for the summer is to start from the outside. There are many different things you can do, such as pruning trees and mowing the lawn. Clean your patio and grill, and remove trash from your gutters. It’s also the best time to make sure your garden hoses are working, plant new flowers, apply mulch, or clean your front door. Some of these projects may take a little longer than others, so start early.

By starting to prepare early, you can reduce energy costs, increase your efficiency, cleanliness, and improve overall safety. The situation you most want to avoid is working hard in and around the house on hot, sunny days. Here are some things you can do beforehand to get your home ready for summer.

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  1. Clean around your deck or patio

Driveways, walkways, and patios need maintenance from time to time. Repairing and sealing any damage or holes in your deck can help prevent big problems. You can also paint or seal your deck and wooden railings to protect them from insect damage, rot, and peeling.

  1. Store away things you don’t need

Are you living in a state as hot as Texas with a house full of clutter? Wood decay, degradation, rotting, and stain go hand in hand in such climatic conditions. It would be best to pack all your wintery stuff, and excess clutter and keep them in a storage facility close to your home, Rentals such as storage units prosper tx will help you safely store all the things you don’t need immediately. You must also empty and spray clean the garage and put everything where it belongs while you are at it. While you’re at it, take a good look at all your tools and separate those needing replacement or cleaning.

  1. Check the insulation

According to the Energy Saving Industries, good insulation can save you a lot of money on your energy bills each year. About a quarter of your home’s heat and cooling escapes through the roof. That’s why it is recommended to install insulation in your attic. Cavity wall insulation can also help reduce your energy bills.

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  1. Gutter and drain cleaning

Cleaning gutters and downspouts are usually the last things most people do, but it’s an essential task before summer starts. Leaves, mud, and other debris can clog gutters after fall and winter. When they build up, they can cause leaks in walls and roofs. By removing debris from pipes, you can significantly reduce the risk of water damage.

  1. Check the central heating system

A faulty central heating system can harm your entire house. Considering that yours might already require maintenance post-winter, ensure you get it fixed before summer hits hard. Before the cold weather arrives again, ensure you have your central heating system serviced by an authorized technician.

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  1. Wash your windows and screens

Your windows and screens are probably still dirty from the winter grime. So get your home ready for summer by washing your windows and screens. Put some window cleaner in a spray bottle and then brush them to keep them streak-free. When cleaning your windows during the winter months, lookout for signs of dry rot and water damage, and consider these replacement windows for a modern look.

  1. Have your chimney checked

If you haven’t had your chimney cleaned in a while, why not have it professionally cleaned? Ducts tend to fill up during the winter months, so summer is the best time to get a chimney cleaning. Chimney cleaning by a professional can significantly reduce the risk of a chimney fire and damage to your interior.

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  1. Plant new Plants

Who says preparing your home for summer can’t be fun? All it takes is a few decorative elements to transform the look of your space. Think about adding flowers and plants, and if you want them to bloom early, pay attention to them.

  1. Protect your pipes

Pipes can become damaged during the winter. To repair it, apply a layer of foam called a top coat to its surface. This layer of foam will prevent the pipe from cracking. Another way to protect your pipes is to remove the vegetation around them.

  1. Sealing

Fill holes and cracks around doors and windows with a caulking mixture. Sealing will make your home more comfortable and help you eliminate all the creepy-crawly insects that are a summer regular. Replace or clean dirty door handles as well.

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  1. Improve Ventilation

Another essential way to prepare your home for the summer is to make sure it is well ventilated. If you don’t have a way to cool down when the temperature rises, your home gets hotter. One way is to turn the fans on and let cool air into the house. Air conditioning maintenance is also going to be essential for you. You don’t want it to break down in the summer when air conditioning companies are busier and charge more for services. Hire an air conditioning repair technician while you still can so that you can start the summer all buckled-up.


Preparing your home for summer may seem like an unnecessary and challenging task. Still, it’s needless to say how important it is for your house’s efficiency and safety. The financial benefits can make the unpleasant feeling disappear.


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