Entryway Wallpaper Ideas for the Traditional Home

Traditional home décor is one of the most popular decorating styles in the country. It uses understated elegance and warmth to create an inviting interior. Perhaps the most important place in the home to create a welcoming feel is the entryway. The right wallpaper can make your entryway design ideas a little livelier and set the tone for the rest of your home.

Strong Patterns and Neutral Tones

One of the best qualities of wallpaper is the opportunity to add a pattern to the walls with relative ease. An effective way to bring your entryway to life is to use a neutral-tone wallpaper with strong patterns. This creates some visual depth on the walls without overbearing the rest of the room’s design.

Typically, the best patterns for this are complex geometric or organic shapes that make use of negative space. This brings out the base color of the wallpaper and prevents the pattern from dominating the rest of the décor.

Pale Hues

Another attractive use of wallpaper in a traditional home entryway is to use light patterns on a pale hue paper. This creates a style evocative of Europe and brings a sense of elegance to the room.

This also helps lighten the entryway because the pale colors of the wallpaper reflect more light. Natural light is an excellent way to make a space feel more inviting.

Wispy Florals

Floral patterns tend to have a pleasant, understated look to them. This creates some opportunities for slightly bolder colors because the pattern isn’t as strong. Colorful pastels work great with a floral design. Again, this color palette will reflect light and make a space feel larger and more welcoming.

Although florals can work with slightly bolder colors, it is easy to go overboard with this. Balance is essential in maintaining the traditional home style.

Gray Elegance

Gray works well with the traditional home style. Wallpapers in light grays with subtle patterns can create a pleasant texture not offered by flat-colored paint. Geometric, landscape and organic patterns can all work with this style. The key is to find a wallpaper that uses patterns subtly. That way the pattern will add depth and not noise.


Wainscoting, wooden paneling on the lower portion of the wall, can be a powerful tool with wallpaper. In particular, elegant, white wainscoting can contribute significantly to the traditional home décor style. This creates some opportunities for bolder, accent wallpaper without losing the charming understatement of the overall style.

For example, a bold-colored motif may be too strong for wallpaper on the entire wall. It would be overly busy and create a sense of disorganization in the room. However, relegating the pattern to the top of the wall through the use of wainscoting is a great way to make the pattern work.

Explore New Possibilities

Whether you want a traditional, modern, European or Santa Barbara interior design, there are so many opportunities to bring warmth, depth and energy to your home. Wallpaper can be a powerful tool when used well. Just remember the importance of maintaining balance in your design. Explore the possibilities of using wallpaper today.


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