Environmentally-Friendly Ice Melt Products for Your Home Exterior Landscape

For at least a short time every year, we all love to have a winter wonderland. However, ice and snow tend to cause major problems on our home’s exterior landscape and driveways.

Snow can be blown away with a good electric snow blower or shoveled out of the way with a snow shovel. Ice, on the other hand, can be a bit more complicated to remove.

So, what might be the best way to clear up those slippery ice in the dead of winter? That would be ice melts!

How Does Ice Melt Work?

Ice melts drop the freezing temperature of the water that causes ice and snow to melt and prevents it from refreezing again.

There are some varieties of ice melts that can soak down through the thick snow or ice and can cause a brine in order to form at ground level, making the snow or ice easier to remove. There are other types that just cause the ice to turn to a soft slush which can be easily swept away or scooped.

And although the most common and probably the oldest form of ice melt were a simple rock salt, varieties of chemical compounds are now being used today. The problem is, some of these compounds are not environmentally friendly and can cause plant life to have problems and may not be safe to use around pets. There are even a few varieties which are known to pit the surface of the concrete.

Therefore, it is important that you know what you are using and making sure that what you get is eco-friendly.

The ice doesn’t just coat our front yard. It also flows over the sidewalk and onto the bottom of our driveway.

Nearly all ice melt products have potential side effects. They might not be safe with pets or have detrimental effects on plants, etcetera. However, there are some types out there that are generally safer than the others.

  • Safe Paw Non-Toxic Pet Safe Ice Melter

This ice melt is non-toxic and is guaranteed to be safe for pets. It has a timed-release formulation which helps in preventing re-icing for up to 3 days’ time. It is safe to use on concrete brick and safe for vegetation,  children and pets. This eco-friendly ice melts is available in an 8-pound size.


  • Generally environmentally friendly
  • Child safe
  • Pet safe
  • Safe on concrete bricks
  • Timed-release formulation


  • Takes longer to melt snow and ice than other types

  • Snow Joe Melt-2 Go Nature + Pet-Friendly Ice Melter

Sleet-busting, ice dicing, and snow-shredding winter weather wonder in a box, the Snow Joe Ice Melter is an eco-, kid-, and pet-friendly product that will not harm metals, concrete, wood, grass, vegetation when used as directed. It contains enhanced calcium magnesium acetate or CMA that provides you with very effective and fast results.


  • Pet-safe
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Easy on concrete
  • Fast results


  • Blended material
  • Could be safer if it were more CMA than other active ingredients


  • Natural Alternative Inc., Ice Melt


Another ice melt products that are safe for pets and kids and does not harm vegetation or cured concrete, this ice melt from Natural Alternative Inc., has been tested and is quite affordable. The whole bag can cover 12,500 square feet of space and leaves no greasy residue on floors.


  • Safe for plants
  • Safe for pets
  • Does not damage concrete
  • Melts ice really well


  • Not that safe unlike other products


  • Snow Joe Professional Strength Ice Melter


This ice melt from Snow Joe contains 94% Pure Calcium Chloride Pellets which accelerates the melting process by creating a large amount of heat on contact with ice and snow. This ice melt can last up to 4 hours for a superior traction control and comes in a resealable bag for easy storage.


  • Established brand
  • Inexpensive
  • Quick ice melting action


  • Not as child or pet safe as other products
  • Might be hard on concrete and plants


  • FDC 96% Calcium Chloride Ice Melts


This Ice melt from FDC provides maximum safety with the least effort. With 96% pure calcium chloride, this pellets is the best for extreme conditions and can generate powerful heat in order to quickly melt thick ice and snow accumulations.

These ice melts will not harm shrubs, trees, or lawns and will not leave residues behind. Ideal for roofs, patio, porches, walkways, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and more!


  • Melts ice very fast
  • Ideal for extreme conditions


  • Not as environmentally-friendly or child and pet safe as other products


All Ice melt products are not environmentally friendly. Even though some products may be called environment-friendly, there are still some risks that come with it. However, when measured up against the dangers of thick snow and slippery ice in winter, ice melts are necessary.

These ice melt products can help you remove stubborn ice and snow at your home exterior landscape. Visit Mid-Atlantic snow removal contractors and make your home snow free!



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