Essential Gadgets For A Safe And Secure Home

The safety and security of our homes have become a top-most priority in today’s world. But, that comes at a heavy price if we have to pay someone for protecting our homes. That being said, keeping our homes safe is not as expensive as it used to be. The availability of a plethora of gadgets meant to guard our homes these days have made life easier.

There are smart devices available that will keep any unwanted activities at bay. Why take the chance when you can freely roam around without the fear of theft or burglary at home. You can just visit your local electronics store and pick up these gadgets or even explore websites such DFYDaily to find out what all are there in the market today and get awesome deals.

Home security systems can protect you from being a victim of burglaries or other disasters. Deciding on which gadgets to buy can be tricky and expensive if you are not aware of the prices and quality. You should check out websites that will offer good deals without burning a hole in your pocket.

Given below is a list of gadgets that are essential for your home’s safety. 

  1. Security cameras

Installing security cameras is the first step towards keeping your home safe. Apart from recording potential thieves, a security camera will show you who’s at the door anytime and every time. 

It can also record any wild animals that may be roaming around your area, which could be a threat to your kids or pets. 

The security cameras available these days can easily connect to your laptop, tablet, or phone. This gives you the luxury to monitor what’s happing in your house from anywhere. 

  1. Smart lights

Smart lights are another important electronic device to keep your home safe. More than 70 percent of burglaries take place when nobody is at home. Installing smart lights and bulbs will make it look like your house is occupied even when no one is present. 

These lights can be monitored using your phone or tablet and can be switched on and off on schedule. There are security companies that can provide smart lights in their packages, or you can even buy them online.

  1. Video Doorbell

Smart doorbell cameras are really convenient, user-friendly, and comes with many protective features that can keep any residential property safe. They are also very affordable and cost-effective. While security cameras installed outside can be seen by others, video doorbells are inconspicuous and can record videos without the person knowing about it.

Using the footage from video doorbells provide strong evidence in any police case. In case of burglary or any other mishaps, these footages can be proof of a crime. The good thing is that even if the video doorbell is stolen or damaged, you will have all the recordings on your phone or laptop.

  1. Water sensors

Water sensors are yet another device to protect your home from floods. These sensors can detect excess moisture and trigger an alarm. They are generally placed beside the washing machine, under the sink, or by the sump pump. 

There are also water sensors that can be wifi enabled. These wifi-enabled sensors can send messages to your phone even, so you can quickly run to your house in case you are out. 

Water sensors have also become a necessity, given the busy lifestyle we have today. 

  1.  Infrared laser thermometer

 These thermometers can be mounted on a wall or even handheld, and it will painlessly detect the temperature of your room. It uses infrared laser technology to detect the temperature and display it on a display screen. 

This is helpful in keeping your house’s temperature moderate and bearable, especially for the kids and pets. In the case of a handheld thermometer, you need to just pint the thermometer, and it will display both the external and internal temperature of the body.  

  1. Smart locks

Smart locks give you the luxury to control the locks in your house from anywhere since they can be controlled through your phone. That way, you can even give access to an outsider even if you’re not at home. Smart locks are easy to use and work perfectly for those frequent travelers. 

Some of these locks also come with keypads that require security codes or fingerprints. That way, you don’t need to worry about someone else making a copy of your house locks.


Keeping your home safe and secure has never been easy due to the availability of smart electronic security devices. These devices make our life easier and more relaxed because they are reliable and can be controlled from anywhere.

Good surveillance systems are necessary now, and installing one of these devices will protect your home from all kinds of disasters. 


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