Essential Living Room Pieces through the Years

Author Mark Brandon loves the company of family and friends when it comes to home renovation and improvements. He constantly shares his viewpoints at Safe and Sound Property Inspections to help others who need tips and tricks to improve their homes. This article highlights some of the best living room pieces that have shown importance through the years.


Through the years, more and more home design aspects have changed but despite the constant shifting of ideas there are living room essentials that could never be replaced. Taking a close look at some of the best designed homes from around the world will show the best pieces that must be present in every living room space (to also help increase your home’s value).Living-Room-Pieces1


Considered to be the most essential piece for every living room, sofas over the years have developed to more elaborate designs. There are some that comes as one entire piece while others are made to several sections and can be detached from one another. Another great improvement for sofa pieces would be the additional functionality as some are made to accommodate fold in or slide out beds.Living-Room-Pieces-6

Extra Chair

Meant as an additional space to sit on for guests or an additional focal point for design, living rooms are arranged to have an extra chair or seat placed near the sofa. For more precise design trends and decorations some are exactly matched to the sofa set or are bought to contrast the color and design of the sofa. Current improvements to living room design have turned the extra chair from one to two or even three pieces in a space and are flexible to move around to informally increase space or bring a change of scenery for guests.


Mostly positioned in the middle, a living room is never complete without that table that is often populated with either reading materials, a vase filled with flowers or even a fresh plant. As part of the designing aspect it accentuates the rest of the pieces in the room and can cut through the detail of entire area when repositioned in a different angle. What is great about living room tables is it can come in any shape or size yet it ensures that the entire room styling is complete.Livin-Room-Pieces-2


Whether an elaborate chandelier or a corner lamp, living room lighting is an essential piece that can never be left out of any home. Despite some home designs that capture a large amount of natural light in the day time, lighting pieces are still considered must-purchase pieces that are never forgotten.

Television or Art Work

Somehow living rooms would turn out bare and incomplete without the popular television set or if need be several pieces of art work like paintings or sculptures well placed throughout the entire room. Common to the custom of guests brought straight to the living room, the possibility of making them feel at home is what these essential pieces work to build for the guests, but design-wise these are pieces that pop out to add a holistic design trend that captures the eye of the beholder.

Time Piece

It can be classic as a grandfather clock or silly as a wall cuckoo clock, living room areas have surpassed time and design styles without having to do without a time piece. Somehow the chance of time flying by when guests arrive has become the real essence of a time piece being present in the room, but truthfully the authentic living room design can never really be considered complete without the accent of a proper time piece.

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Author: Mark Brandon

Mark is a regular contributor to Safe and Sound Property Inspections blog and other home improvement sites. He is family-oriented and loves being in the shed or helping mates with their houses. If you would like to catch him and pick his brain, you can via Google+ or Twitter: @DIYMarkBrandon



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