Essential Tips On Preparing Your Home For Selling

Homebuyers today are getting more particular with the homes that they’re looking to buy. With the many options of houses up for sale, you know that you’re under a lot of competition as a seller. Buyers are becoming pickier, simply because they want to end up with the best house to purchase. This means that as a seller, you have to put in a lot of effort in prepping your home before you post it up for sale.

To help you out, here are some of the tips that can ensure a better sale for your home:

1. Improve Your Garden And Curb’s Appeal

Your front lawn, garden, and curb speak to buyers loudly. Because it comprises the exterior of your home, it’s one of the very first parts of your house that potential buyers are going to notice. This means that it’s also here that a lot of first impressions and judgment can be made. You’d want this to be a good one. Else, you’ll have buyers skipping out on your property. The goal is to make your house look as presentable as possible.

Here are some simple ways for you to improve your home’s façade:

  • Plant flowers on areas that seem bare
  • Mow the lawn
  • Cut bushes and trees that badly need the TLC
  • Remove weeds from the garden

2. Walk Around Your House Like A Buyer

When you’ve decided to sell your home, one of the very first things for you to do is to wear the buyer’s shoes and walk around your home. Detach yourself early on from any personal attachment that you have in your house. Then, put yourself in the position of a house buyer. Doing this will make it easier for you to notice whatever little mishaps are in your house that a buyer won’t like.

Here are some tips for you to follow:

  • Remove furniture that is in excess, or that you won’t use anymore
  • Get rid of any personal clutter, such as memorabilia and magazines
  • Hide and pack away family photos

These tips can also come in handy even when you planning to sell your home to a we-buy-houses company, such as Leave The Key Homebuyers. Although they buy your house as it is, it’s still worth making minor changes here and there, that is easy to do anyway, but can help increase the cash value of your home.

3. Do The Necessary Repairs

In the second bullet, it’s recommended for you to take a good walk around your home. As you do so, take note of the areas in your house that need repairs. Focus on both the visible repairs and even those teeny tiny ones that you think won’t matter because they’re hidden. If you’ve got the time to tackle them all, then do so.

Buyers generally don’t like to purchase homes that will necessarily entail a lot of repairs. When they see this, buyers get typically discouraged. They want to enjoy the “moving in process” more than worry about the repairs that need to be addressed. This rule also applies even when you intend on selling your house to we-buy-houses companies such as Element Homebuyers. Whatever repair you can do that can help increase the cash value of your house, then do it. You’d want to get the best price possible, after all.

4. Clean Your House

If there are minimal repairs left to be done, then that’s good. But, at least take the time to clean your house. Do this before taking and posting photos of your home. Do it also before you even invite possible realtors and homebuyers into your open house or house viewing. No matter how nice your house looks, if it’s not well cleaned, it will still look ugly in the eyes of buyers. 

Be very particular about common dust-collecting areas in your house like kitchen countertops, the storage area, the bathroom, and even the pantry.

5. Repaint Your Front Door

Like the front lawn, the front door is also one of the very first things that buyers see about your house. Because it’s your front door, it has to have a welcoming and inviting aura. If your front door looks old, scary, and destroyed, it’s time for you to give it a brand new life. Here are some ways to make your front door look more up-to-date:

  • Repaint it with a color that contrasts that of the walls
  • Fix or replace the faded house numbers 

6. Repaint The Walls

House model with real estate agent and customer discussing for contract to buy house, insurance or loan real estate background.

Repainting the walls of your house is one of the cheapest changes that you can make for your house. Plus, it also adds up the most to increasing the value of your home. Buyers like a house that smells of fresh paint. It makes them feel as if they’re buying a property that has just been built. 

An excellent tip for you to remember is to keep the paint color neutral. If there are any walls painted in bright colors, repaint them. This makes your house universal among buyers. You might have potential buyers that have an aversion towards bright colors. If some prefer bright-colored rooms anyway, this is a job that they’d be willing to do before they move in.


The bottom line for you to remember is that you should never sell your home without first putting a lot of effort into prepping it. Selling your house shouldn’t be a process for you to do haphazardly. Else, you might have a hard time selling it. Perhaps even, you can’t sell your home for the price that you initially wanted. These tips can help you get started with prepping your home. Soon enough, you’re going to have buyers fighting over your property.


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