Everything About LED Light Installation Costs One Must Know!

A well-lit home looks beautiful and safe. When it comes to lighting, you get many options, but the efficiency of LED light is unparalleled. They are more energy- and budget-friendly. Traditional incandescent lights consume high electricity because these work when their filament is heated enough to glow. On the contrary, LED lights don’t rely on this process.

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They use a semiconductor material to light up. Electricians say that an LED bulb of 9 watts can illuminate your house, as well as a 60-watt incandescent bulb. That also implies that you can change all the traditional bulbs in your home with LED to mitigate energy consumption by nearly 80%.

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Do you need help with LED lighting installation? JB Electric can assist if you want. However, let’s explore the cost factor once before making any final decision.

LED light type

Whether you use CFL or incandescent bulbs, you can replace them with LED bulbs costing around USD $5-7 per e 10-Watt. If you need 24 bulbs, it should be around USD $120-168. Generally, bulk purchase helps to find discounts. Then, lower-wattage bulbs cost less than higher ones. Another thing you need to consider is the type. Intelligent bulbs with voice-control features can cost USD $25-150 per unit. These can change colors, become dim, and turn on or off based on voice command or remote control. Some also use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With built-in cams, they allow you to monitor your home.

In a few homes, you must have seen LED light strips. These accent lightings are versatile whether you want to add an effect to an artwork, illuminate the area under a cabinet or bed, or something else. DIYers can install these without professional support, as the strips have an adhesive back. Also, these feed on low voltage. White lighting strips can be available for USD $10, while color-changing ones for USD $50 or higher. Some people also need professional help in this area for the perfect finish. They call electricians to mount these under the countertops, in the kick-plates in cabinets, and inside the delicate block walls. Are you bothered by the cost?

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Saving money with LED lighting 

Whether you build a new home or renovate an old one, LED lights can be a significant consideration indoors and outdoors. You can save about 85% of the cost on your utility bill every month because these create less heat and run up to 40k hours. If you replace 24 traditional bulbs with this, you can imagine your savings to be around USD $7k in nearly two decades. If you want certain parts of your home to be warm and cozy, go with white LED lights. 

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LED lights are a safe option for any household. Because they don’t heat up, your home can stay relatively cooler during peak summer. Also, you replace them less often than the other varieties. Hence, it can be a good decision to opt for them. However, proper installation is the main thing. Hire local electricians specializing in this area to make your home more energy-friendly. They will recommend the best lighting options for every corner and fix them at the right places so you can continue to enjoy the aesthetics of your home.


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