Exclusive benefits of steam cleaning carpets!

Any place can be called beautiful if its walls and floors look impressive. With peeling paint from walls and dirty floors, whatever you try, you just can’t create a fresh look at your place. And if it’s a carpet, it simply needs the right kind of maintenance! A torn, stained, dusty and tattered carpet on the floor can look unpleasant and destroy the beauty of any place.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the floor is important to make the place look tidier and inviting. Not to forget the hygiene factor. That’s why if you have tiled flooring, you should be opting for Brisbane based tile cleaning companies to get your tiles look sparkling clean (and without any mould and mildew on them too – not to mention dirty grouts!). If you have wooden flooring, it’s important to get them sanded and polished regularly too. And if you own carpets it’s extremely necessary to clean them occasionally as well. 

  •   Reasons why you should prefer steam cleaning for your carpets!

For healthier and beautiful looking homes, just vacuum cleaning the carpets isn’t enough! You need to call upon professionals for carpet steam cleaning in Brisbane. Absolute Carpet Care have been cleaning out carpets and floors for thirty years with exceptional perfection, providing customers with cleaner, better homes within no time. For reasons why you should be opting for steam cleaning your carpet, read on: 

o   Helps to get the germs out — Do you know your carpet is a home for dead bugs and living insects (not to mention the dust mites!)? There can be more such organisms stored in it which a naked eye cannot see. These germs and organisms couldn’t be killed by just a normal cleaning session with some cleaning agent. It requires steam and its heat which can penetrate inside deeply and kill them with it. These insects otherwise can increase in numbers and spread around the whole place within no time. Also, the kids and pets playing on the carpet can be harmed by them too.

o   Kills the dust mites — Dust mites are present everywhere at a place. These can be in the rugs, under the cushions, on the sofas and even on the carpets. On carpets especially they tend to cling. This can lead to a lot of allergies because of the dust particles being trapped in the place. It’s better to get the carpet steam cleaned which cleanses thoroughly, thus helping you get rid of those harmful particles easily.

o   Steam carpet cleaning improves air quality of the place — A carpet can absorb lots of harmful oxidants present in the air. From carbon monoxide to volatile organic compounds to radon coming from paints, fumes from cooking, cigarettes, etc. This can be extremely harmful as some of them can also be a cause of cancer (and death!). You and your loved ones are in constant contact with these gases because of the carpet. This can be cleaned and gotten rid of only by steam carpet cleaning. The steam that gets absorbed in the carpet and the heat given out cleans out those harmful chemicals too. This cleanses the air at your place too.

o   It helps in getting rid of moulds — We all know how tough moulds can be. Once they are accumulated in any place, it requires a lot of scrubbing, cleaning and drying to keep the black stains away. While with the help of steam cleaning the carpets, you can get rid of it easily and that too almost instantly. Also, along with the ugly spot, even the germs and moulds get eradicated.

o   Eradicates ill odour — A carpet, if unmaintained for long, gets an unbearable smell on it. Also, if it’s constantly in contact with moisture or was previously washed and hasn’t been dried well, it starts stinking and that too pretty badly. With steam cleaning, any kind of strong unbearable smell can be dealt with. The steam releases out everything that makes it stinky, and if you use a good scented agent after it, it would also leave it fresh and scented.

o   Steam cleaning increases the life of the carpet— A carpet gets worn out due to lack of proper cleaning and maintenance. The build up of soil and debris on the carpet gradually deepens, and makes it look worn out and dull. Also, the debris and moisture that stay within it lead to premature deteriorating too. With steam cleaning, a thorough and perfect cleaning takes place. Hence, all these factors are destroyed and your carpet can stay fresh and clean and intact for longer.

A beautiful and well-kept carpet makes a place look enticing! Who doesn’t want that? For better looking and long-lasting carpets, and beautiful impression of your place, it’s best to get your carpet steam cleaned regularly!


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