Exploring Architectural Trends That Will Continue Through 2018

The great architects are continuously competing to see who can build the most memorable structure. With some many of these exceptional professionals in the competition, it is difficult to determine who will come out on top. What most architects look at and think about when they are in the creation mode is the future.

They will ask themselves what does the future have in store for humans and what will it be like to live in the 22nd, 23rd and 24th centuries. However, the future is a lot closure than you might think.


Breathtaking Bridges

The unimpressive concrete or metal bridge will be replaced with marvelous hypnotic bridges. China has already taken the step to create some of the most impressive bridges in the world. The glass bridge, over Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, is just one example. While the bridge had its downsides, thousands of people got the opportunity to walk across it at least once. The 200-foot bridge joins the west cliff at the Yunmeng Fairy Summit, Zhang Jiajie and the summit of the Tianmen Mountain.

Extraordinary Hyperloop Tunnels

Just about everyone finds tunnels extremely exciting and a little eerie. With this said, tunnels have definitely undergone a lot of transformations over the past five decades. In the past, man had to carve tunnels out of rocks with hand tools. Today, companies utilize large machinery to do the work for them. Manmade tunnels are amazing, but the hyperloop tunnel will be much more extraordinary. Elon Musk has already starting digging a hyperloop tunnel between New York and Washington.

If you think America’s infrastructure is going to change, you will not believe how furniture designs will change. In fact, furniture stores Los Angeles are already in preparation to create furniture with state-of-the-art technology and design.

Dynamic Skyscrapers

Several cities around the world already house some of the most extraordinary skyscrapers. While these skyscrapers are already breathtaking, the future skyscraper will be much more. In fact, developers are already gearing up to create to compete with Dubai’s 80-story, rotating skyscraper. Singapore; Shenzhen, China; Guangzhou, China and New York City already boast their power and wealth in their amazing skyscrapers.

Fabulous Indoor Parks

Since the invention of indoor parks, people have been able to enjoy the outdoors when the weather is unfavorable. One such park is the Zaryadye Park in Moscow. The park’s design was based on a theory of “Wild Urbanism.” Visitors can enjoy the pleasures of a park in a controlled environment, which is pretty extraordinary when you consider the harshness Russia’s winters. The top furniture stores LA will definitely keep up with this trend.

Invisible Architecture

South Korean architects have put their skills, knowledge and ideas into a project that features invisible architecture. The Infinity Tower is extraordinary, as it creates an invisible illusion of a structure, utilizing a high-tech LED façade system. The outline of the doors and windows are barely visible and can be captured on camera. While the structure is not massive, it is quite interesting and impressive. The parallelogram-shaped barn is constructed of wood, with mirror film sheeting. It was determined that the architects created the invisible structure on a $5,000 budget.


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