Eye-Catching High-Tech Renovation: IBM Software Executive Briefing Center

The challenge that any brand faces when decides to design its corporate workplaces is that the environment should establish a connection between company’s values and products and services that it offers. We think it’s not an easy task for architects and designers to achieve the best results every time they are commisioned for such projects. An example of a great corporate workplace design that states clearly about the brand and manages to transmit the brand’s values through amazing graphic and visual elements is the IBM Software Executive Briefing Center from Rome, Italy. It can be said that it’s a true testament to the thinking forward mentality that IBM lives by. Massimo Iosa Ghini and his studio had a contemporary vision on how should look this IBM Center in Rome for its clients and designed a smooth, clean, and sophisticated environment that speaks to technology. It was a project which aimed to renovate entirely the area and expande it. The famous “strips” of the IBM logo was creatively implemented in an innovative and fascinating way. Its futuristic design together with audiovisual advanced technologies provide quests a high value-added experience into a new and innovative atmosphere. The energy of the space is created through a simple color palette and strategically placed lighting elements.

Photos: © Santi Caleca and Iosa Ghini.

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