Fabulous Maison Moschino With Striking Fairytale Design Concept

Maison Moschino is one of that places where imagination becomes reality, dreams becomes reality. The fairy-tale decor peppered with surreal accents create the splendid result of this design concept supervised by Moschino creative director, Rossella Jardini, in cooperation with Jo Ann Tan. So let your ordinary world outside and step into a wonderful adventure of imagination! The hotel interior reflects late Italian fashion designer Franco Moschino’s distinctive and emblematic style. Opened in 2009 in Milan,  Maison Moschino is transformed from a 1940s neo-classical railway station, a stone’s throw from Corso Como, into a glamorous and unique 65 room accommodation hotel with restaurant, bar, boutique and spa. The project proposes a fantasy world inspired by childhood tales and dreams, the fairy-tale setting and characters are tangible, real and fill the rooms.

Every room have a particular theme which is both original and luxurious: from enchanted forest with owls as lamps, candies (pillow-shaped fruit tarts and candy chandelier decorated with porcelain biscuit), golden hearts and fluffy white clouds or a bed of roses, to the classic fairy characters. Rooms translate almost all fantasies and ideals on which any client or Moschino model would have had in childhood with its surrealist accents like a huge ballgown that bracket the whole bed and the wall, heels and kettles, a bridge with shelves full of boxes of toys. But room decor is not only detached from the story. Sheep, bright clouds and armchairs in the lobby are covered with white cloth, translucent, this the decor is complemented by Moschino white dresses as a floor lamps. If we want to refer to colors, shades of white and beige are ever-present in the hotel public spaces which are complemented by large areas of glass and mirror, in which many lamps and light objects reflect.

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