Human beings like change. They get bored with the daily hectic routine. Change in home decoration presenting new scenario is one of the greatest blessings for them.  Home improvement is not an easy task. If you get the job to improve the decoration of your homes then you have to consider many factors. These factors include personality and likings, environment of the surroundings, financial factors etc.

When we talk about the personality and liking of family members then we cannot neglect the age of them. Children of different ages like different objects, for example children up to 4 years like to see toys, flowers, win champs etc. So, rooms of walls should be decorated with the colorful wallpapers, butterflies, artificial hanging birds etc. Similarly Younger’s also have different choices. They like to have gadgets, motorbikes paintings, and favorite flowers.

Surrounding Environment Affects The use of products on large scale. If you live in rural areas then use of carpets and rugs is an awkward thinking as in rural areas dirt enters in home without any barrier. So, use of mats in such places is one of the best solutions because mats can easily be cleaned out. Material Quality is also a big issue in today’s world where desire to earn money made the salesmen a lion with bloody mouth. This desire to earn more and more destruct the environment by the use of poor quality of material. Dealers also use poor and destructive material in building of houses. This also effects the decoration of home.

Economic condition of home also influence on decoration and improvement of homes. Normally housewives wish to decor their homes, but these factors especially finance become hindrance for them. Educated housewives like to have a neatly, cleaned and well organized home. They change their interior decoration on every event.

People like fixed cabinets with many drawers in living room. It also increase the beauty of living room with many shelves where they can display their achievements .Use of Fish house with colorful small size fish also presents marvelous look. Replace old-fashion TV table or TV trolley with fixed L.E.D.

Above all these are some factors upon which decoration of home depends. Can a person give a comprehensive theme to his/her home with all these factors? I think more than 80 percent people will go answer with “NO”. We don’t ignore the reality that is how people react on certain conditions. To get the feedback on your thought you can get different survey.  Busy routine is one of the big hurdles in the way of surveys and research. Where there is a problem there is a solution. Different websites provide opportunities to do survey as in Snipon where you can get report by providing specification. You can also take part by giving your response about use of any product.

Along with Snipon, Surveymonkey, SurveyPlanet, LimeSurvey give platform to user to choose correct product by doing online survey from different customers. Moreover, it updates also so customers can get best possible solution to their problems.


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