Factors to Consider In Choosing Your General Contractors

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A general contractor (GC) is responsible for overseeing the daily construction activities on a building site. The GC’s job is to look after construction activities like building renovations, constructing a new building, plumbing, window replacement, and installation. The size of the project, type of structure, and industry should be considered a few of the significant factors that a general contractor has worked on. Cost of labour and overhead charges are other essential factors to look at while hiring the general contractor. To narrow down your search for the right contractor, we have shortlisted five essential elements.

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The five characteristics to consider when selecting the right contractor for your next project are:

1.   Contractor’s Experience

The level of experience in handling construction assignments is considered an essential factor in choosing a general contractor. Some contractors gain experience through academics while others gain through working on fields. Always give one extra marks to the one who has hands-on experience over the one acquired through education.

For example, if you live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and are looking for shortlisting general contractors in Calgary, some of the questions you would ask are:

  • How many years of experience you have in the construction industry?
  • Have you worked on a similar project?
  • What was the most complex assignment you have used on?
  • How qualified are in handling a similar project?
  • Do you have a portfolio of your previous projects?
  • Ask for the educational background and check their credentials.

Responses from the above question can give a clear idea of the general contractors’ experience handling a construction project.

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2.   Contractor’s Reputation

A general contractor gains trust and reputation by his good and finished work. When it’s about checking someone’s reputation, there is no better way than to talk to the people in his neighbourhood or his previous clients. If he has delivered good construction projects, people will say positive things about him, which means you can count on him for your project. A trustworthy and reputed contractor will do anything to maintain his name and that he can do by delivering quality work.

3.   Contractor’s License and Certification

A valid license and certification by the governing bodies increase the credibility of the contractor. Do check their license if it is right and certified by the zoning administrator. Missing this detail can expose you to risks like bad construction, falling into legal troubles, and damage to your property. A general contractor who presents his license confidently proves that his operations are legitimate and can meet the available standards required by construction projects. There are many reputable contractors available in Calgary. For example, Helms Construction has an operations license for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings, Turnkey Construction, and Excavation, making them the first choice for any commercial or industrial construction job.

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4.   Contractor’s Pricing

Once the experience, licensing, and reputation of contractors are checked, the most important thing to check is their budget plan. Ask for their quote in finishing the project before handing over your construction assignment. Check the pricing carefully, including the overhead and per labour charge, and ask about the sub-contractors hired for the job. Quotes that are too low show a lack of judgment and mismanagement in carrying out the project. Compare pricing from different contractors and choose the one whose charges are affordable and realistic on a contract. Reliable and reputable construction companies in Calgary will provide you with the pricing that is affordable and will have the right tools and equipment as well as the skilled workforce for all kinds of buildings or renovations projects.

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5.   Contractor’s Proximity to Your Location

The right contractor is the one who is available at the site at all times. If the project requires a contractor’s presence daily, it is advisable to choose a local contractor. Another advantage of having a local contractor is low transportation costs, which will reduce the project’s overall expenditure. If the renovation of a building needs window repair in Calgary, choose a contractor from Calgary to ensure that they reach the site on time and always available in an emergency.

A Final Word

The criteria for selecting a trustworthy and reliable general contractor are based on his experience, reputation, and previous work. A serious contractor will explain each detail of his career and along with the shortcomings, deadlines, and budgetary limitations in the project. The right contractor can communicate the clients’ demands to the sub-contractor and keep the communication open at both ends. Engineers at such Helms Construction give accurate estimates of the budget and makes sure that it does not overrun.


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