Factors to Consider When Choosing a Floor Lamp

With their ambient touch and lighting, floor lamps can significantly increase the amount of space you need on your working table and other countertops in your room. You need something that has some touch of style and sufficient in emitting sufficient light to your crafting area. They should basically complement your entire décor besides giving light.

For the hidden beauty behind the floor lamp to come out, there must be some factors you should consider in order to get the best in your house. Here are some of the factors to keep in mind:


  • Their Size


This is a major factor you need to consider depending on the size of your room and the height of your ceiling. A very tall lamp will definitely look just like a ceiling lighting and will cause disturbances with your ceiling. A very short one will not be sufficient for a large room. In the case of height, you can decide to go for an adjustable lamp. Depending on how large your room is, get a sizeable floor lamp.


  • Their controls


The best control will depend on how much access you have to the lamp. Some have switches and others cords running along the pole for easier turn-off or on. Most of the contemporary floor lamps, are touch sensitive where you just need to touch and the light will go off. Others are wave sensitive; you just wave close to the lamp and it will go off or on.


  • Their safety


Some floor lamps like the Halogen bulbs usually get very hot and if they tip and fall on the curtains, you can be sure the risk of electricity will be higher and unpreventable. You can avoid this by using contemporary floor lamps that have tripod stands and don’t use halogen. Others have an inbuilt safety guard that makes them safe even when they tip.


  • Their style


Of course, you need a floor lamp that will complement your living room designs, crafts, colors, and wallpapers. Most of the contemporary floor lamps come in great styles charactered by their diverse colors. You need a lamp that will emit the right light color in your room. This will depend entirely on your taste and preferences.


  • The configuration


This is what will determine whether they are great for the living room, hanging on the top or great for task table. A light lamp in Torchiere style is very great when it comes to lighting when on the ceiling. Swing- arm lamps, can be great around the working table and other countertops.  There are various styles and configuration that will help you get the right contemporary floor lamps that you want.

Whether your room is large or small, you will always have a floor lamp that can help your task table to be more clear.


You can never have the right contemporary floor lamps, especially in this digital era where everything seems to be compromised if you don’t consider the above tips. However, they are not the only tips; things like the ease of repair, maintenance, and cost.



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