Factors to Consider When Shopping Around For Construction Company in UAE

If you are looking forward to construct a building, you will have several things to think about. You should look at the money you have for example and the area that you desire to build. In Dubai, you will consider other factors such as the current building trend, the construction company and probably the closeness to the beach of your building. When hiring construction companies in UAE, you should rest assured of landing in the best possible hands. There are numerous companies in UAE, which offer construction services and which ensure that you get the best possible deal.


Whether you are looking forward to adorning the Abu Dhabi or the Dubai skyline with a new skyscraper or a flawless expansive mansion by the beach in Fujairah, UAE is full of modern construction companies. Building a structure, whatever its nature will take you a short time if you sit down and do some preliminary research on the same. Given the different types of construction companies and their diversity in capability, experience and exposure, you will need to consider some of the following factors when choosing one;

The expertise of the company

It is easy to determine the expertise of the company. All you need to do is check on their achievements such as awards, trophies, accreditation and license. A construction company should be able to showcase its achievements to you without you necessarily asking for the same. The expertise of a company should be tangible; that is, the work that they are saying they have done can be accessed by you.

The cost of doing the job

There are numerous engineering consultants in Dubai whose endeavor is to provide you with the best services as far as construction is concerned. Such a consultant should be affordable or at least charge an amount that is commensurate to the work that you have at hand. In order to find the best company that will give you the best services, you should shop around and determine the average cost of constructing a building. This way, you will easily be able to tell which company is expensive and which one is affordable. 

Experience of the company

The good thing about the construction industry is that your work talks for you. A construction company doesn’t have to scream out loud to get your attention. All it has to do is handle all of its projects in a professional way and people will get to know the iconic structures that it has come up with. It is for you to determine whether the previous projects of a particular company are a success or not. Generally, a company that has been around for sometime is more likely to have polished its skills and expertise than a new company.


Conduct an interview

It is never enough to just call the construction companies in UAE and getting different quotes for your project. You need to visit their offices and talk to them face to face for a better understanding for both parties. Some of the things that you will tell from your interview are how well you will get along with the constructor. You will also be able to establish how fast they are capable of responding to your inquiries. There are companies that operate from a telephone booth and whose credibility is questionable. When you choose to visit a construction company and interviewing them, you eliminate such untested companies.

How they hire sub-constructors

It is important to know that when you enter into a contract with a construction firm, they are most likely going to hire a subcontractor along the way. To avoid a scenario where your preferred company hires another company that is not qualified for the job, you need to ask at the interview stage about the companies they subcontract and their qualifications. You should also ask questions such as whether they offer insurance covers for their subcontractors and staff. This is to safeguard you in case something happens at the construction site.



Who regularizes construction companies in UAE?

All engineering consultants in Dubai as well as construction companies in the entire Emirates are registered under the Society of Engineers of Emirates. This is a body that is partly owned by the government and partly by the private sector. It was formed in 1979 and its objectives include;

  • Promoting and developing the local engineers expertise and experience
  • Reserve, promote and develop the local available resources
  • Developing of codes and standards that are crucial in the future development of UAE

The Society of Engineers of Emirates has a mechanism that ensures that all construction companies adhere to the set standards of the industry at all times. Every other construction company has to be licensed by the society.


Construction companies in UAE are many and they offer almost the same type of services. It is upon you to establish if the company you have picked as your favorite is competent enough to handle the job. Conducting due diligence is of paramount importance on your part as it helps to establish whether the company is listed as one of the good companies that the government deals with.


You will also be able to establish whether they have up to date proper health policies that are designed to safeguard the welfare of the employees and every other person who happens to be around the construction site. These high standards also apply to the engineering consultants in Dubai. With this information, you are assured of getting a competent firm that will construct for you the best structure.



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