Fancy Decoration Elements That Drastically Improve the Feel of Your Home

Even on a small budget, you can create a home that looks straight out of a luxury interior design magazine. And for this, you need not only creative ideas but also a source of inspiration and products that suit your personality.

Our list of decorative objects will add style to any space in your home, be it interior or exterior, or even the entire house.

Levitating Moon Lamp

This unique and impressive Levitating Moon Lamp is a miniature and incredibly realistic copy of the natural one. As the gravitational force supports the big white ball orbiting around the Earth, the Levitating Moon Lamp offers the same magical consistency due to the magnets built into the wood base, keeping it a few centimeters above. 

  Galaxy Projector

Galaxy Projector is the ideal choice for the space enthusiasts. Even if this mini laser star projector has small dimensions, it still transforms every place into a planetarium, including all the lights and music.  Made from ecological materials, it has a 360° rotating projection system that includes LED stars, 10 colors, and numerous lighting models. The wireless bluetooth speaker, remote control, and universal USB input allow you to combine the constellation creations with your favorite songs and create a starry serene environment.

Rustic Home Décor 

Source:  Amazon 

This fancy farmhouse decor will beautifully fit in any room, from living room to kitchen, hallway, bathroom, and even bedroom. Due to their simple design and living plants, they fill the space with elegance, adding a touch of warmth and fun. 

Nordic Irregular Flower Vase 

Source: Etsy

Add an exclusivist and modern touch with this set of vases in irregular shapes and different pairing colors. Beautifully handmade, crafted from ceramic, they create an exquisite design and add a touch of modernism to any room, whether living room, bedroom, hallway, and even office.

 Decorative Mirrors

Source: Home-designing

Certainly, decorative mirrors can make the difference between a typical room and an exclusive one. In addition to enlarging small spaces due to the optical illusions they create, they also provide light to spaces that may seem dark, such as hallways and deeper bedrooms. A few decorative mirrors tactically placed in any room can multiply the light reflected by a single luminaire, creating an amazing, functional and modern effect.

Creative Bookcases

Source: Boredpanda 

If in the past, bookcases were mainly characterized by their vertical orientation and straight and rectangular design, things have changed lately. Especially when you have a small house and need not just a space for your books, but one with a multifunctional purpose.

Even if you buy them or are a DIY project, the avant-gardist aesthetic projects can be a fancy and surprising decor element in any house.

Wooden Water Fountains 

Source: Decorunits  

A water fountain built into the wooden structure is one of the best ideas for rustic and elegant decor. Sitting inside an apartment or outside, in a garden or on a terrace, a water feature made of beautiful dark mahogany or light pine would enhance any environment. Not to mention the relaxing sound of a waterfall that can instantly calm any atmosphere, while bringing a breeze of fresh air.

Indoor plant hanging basket 

Source: Etsy

Vertical gardens are a modern and creative way to transform your space into something aesthetically pleasing. If you want to bring nature into your apartment, they are an enchanting alternative to the potted plants and can last for decades.

Staircase Corner Shelf

Taking the wall decor to the next level, this corner shelf creates an interesting and unexpected visual elevator. Stair shelves are made of metal and acacia wood. Each level could be the house for a plant, for some favorite books, or for your preferred decorative objects and collections.

In conclusion, decorating your house does not have to be expensive or complicated. If you want to have a unique house that reflects your personality, you can always use one of these creative objects, whether you buy them or they are themselves an interesting DIY project.


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