Nothing beats an outdoor dinner with your family after a hard day of work or some bomb cocktails as you catch up with your friends. When it comes to creating the perfect backyard haven for entertaining, there are plenty of ideas to make this space functional and beautiful without necessarily breaking the bank. The backyard is often thought as a whole extension of your home where you can cosy up with your loved ones under the stars.

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Lighting can transform the way an outdoor space is used. Whether you want to brighten up the area or simply add some decorative appeal, there is a variety of modern and contemporary lighting complements to suit your style and taste. Thanks to technology, modern outdoor lighting can serve as a seating arrangement, modern sculpture and a light fixture all in one. Outdoor chandeliers are the perfect way to add a sense of radiance to an outdoor dining area while lanterns offer charm and intimacy especially for smaller areas. Layers of lights are important in designing a welcoming outdoor living to keep the party going long after dusk.

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Don’t wait for winter to get a fire going. A fire pit is incredibly easy to make and a superb way to utilise the backyard space. They add warmth to both literally and aesthetically. For one on a budget, a traditional wood-burning fire pit is a backyard classic. Those limited on space can opt for a modern fire heater for backyard entertainment ambience.


There are endless wonders to what music can do. It relieves stress and is considered an ice breaker to relieve one-off awkward silence. When entertaining in your backyard, set a playlist at the beginning of the shindy and go about your business. Opt for crowd-pleasers that can be enjoyed by the majority. Be mindful of your neighbours by keeping the volume set as background music to also give room for conversation

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Your backyard doesn’t need to be serious or mature. Lighten things up with some indoor and outdoor activities. Games are always a hit when it comes to entertaining. They give guests something to do and can be enjoyed with people of different ages. It’s often said that a family that plays together stays together. If you are afforded with space, physical outdoor games such as badminton can be an option to be enjoyed.


A backyard projector is an impressive way of entertaining family and friends. There is something memorable about gathering under the moon over your favourite movie. You can choose to use an actual projector screen or opt to string up a white sheet as the background.


Blankets are an absolute must for a backyard. They are an ideal way to keep the guest going even on the coldest of months. You can hang them from hooks, stack them on one chair or have them in a basket.

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It’s paramount to prepare food before your guests show up. You want to enjoy your guests rather than scrambling here and there setting up things. Guests should have fairly easy access to food and drinks. No one wants to keep on asking the host for the tiniest of things.