Fashion and celebrities in Canada: How did online games become popular thanks to fashion?

Gaming and fashion are two different industries that have shown interdependence in the past few years. Even though fashion falls under the category of basic needs, gaming, on the other hand, is considered a luxury. Technology has been one of the biggest drivers that have made online games become popular. 

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However, recent trends also show that fashion is also contributing to the popularity of online games. We had a fruitful session with our expert Conrad Brennan (check profile) to educate us on the relationship between the two. The following are some of the lessons we derived from this interaction. 

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Fashion brands are capitalizing on gaming influencers 

Gone are the days when video games were just an activity for passing the time. We can now see a new crop of professional gamers. The presence of eSports organizations that sign up some of the best video gamers has drawn the attraction of various fashion brands. 

Tournaments such as League of Legends are streamed and followed by millions of fans. For example, the League of Legends World Championships attracted over 46 million viewers in 2020. Fashion brands are thus willing to sponsor such events and gain from the exposure. 

The presence of gaming influencers on video streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch is also something fashion brands want to be part of. Some of these gaming influencers have millions of followers who are always on the lookout for new content. Thus, it is not uncommon to see an iGamer wearing branded merchandise or even mentioning various fashion brands when playing various games. 

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Fashion-themed slots 

How likely are you to learn about fashion when you visit Canadian casinos with blackjack online? Unfortunately, many people believe that all they will find are the sounds of gambling machines, happy faces after wins, and sad faces after a loss. The good news is that various themes have been created based on different tastes and preferences. 

Fashion-themed slots feature garments such as hats, dresses, and jackets as symbols. These symbols come in different designs and colors. Landing on any of the symbols will have different results, and you can either lose or win. 

Slots that seek to attract female gamblers may feature the high heels symbol. You may also come across slots and games with cosmetic symbols such as mascaras and lipsticks. Chances of finding a hot girl wearing fashionable clothes as scatter and wild symbols are very high. The rules of playing such slots are not different from the regular games for celebrity gamblers. 

Storytelling opportunities 

Modern games allow players to decide on the appearance of their players through clothing and styling. In addition, some of these games now display designer brands as styling options. Thus, the fashion companies get an awesome marketing opportunity. On the other hand, gaming companies display that they are in touch with the culture and tap into different consumer classes. 

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In-game merchandise is also becoming a thing for gamers who want to differentiate themselves. We can now see fashion brands getting into exclusive partnerships with gaming companies. A good example is Louis Vuitton that designed custom skins for Qiyana and Senna for the famous League of Legends game. 

Immersive shoppable games and virtual styling 

Fashion brands are appreciating the use of augmented reality to develop ‘game-like’ customization. YooxMirror Reloaded from Yoox is a perfect example of a platform where consumers can create digital avatars from a photograph. The potential customers can thus try on various clothing items virtually and reduce returns, which can be costly. 

Drest is another platform that has been described as the ‘first interactive luxury styling game in the world’. The game allows a player to act as a stylist, and you can curate looks that will be rated by others. The players in these games can also compete in daily styling challenges and win varying rewards. 

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The catch is that Drest allows players to buy pieces displayed on the platform and has thus attracted over 160 brands as partners. The platform thus gives fashion brands a direct sales platform and a marketing platform as well. 

Even though many people believe that it is the casino that inspires fashion most, we can also see that fashion has contributed to the popularity of various casino games for celebrity.

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