The Actual Installation Cost of Top-Quality Custom Fireplace Glass Doors

Throughout the year’s fireplaces in homes have offered steady wood-burning flame, warmth, and comfort. Ice and Fire is the image that drives us towards the trend of fire glass. For offering the ambiance to make the surrounding more modern. 

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Tough classic blues and clears like icy topaz fire glass are famous; there are different colors. It has its ability and ambiance to match your décor. Fireplace glass doors are highly alluring to reduce the potential for injury to your family members and decrease the risk of damaging your home.

What is Custom Fireplace Glass?

Fireplace glass is formed with the tempered glass that is polished and tempered to produce little pebbles that are highly heat resistant. It will not explode, melt, and burn like regular glass can smoke or soot. It is durable and offers a long-time usage to all its users. It resists against discoloration if you use it with natural gas. It is a safety glass that contains thermal or chemical treatments. 

This type of glass is ideal for computer screens, windows, and fireplace because it stays against heat. Unlike regular glass, it is entirely safe to use in both outdoor and indoor fireplaces and pits. There are different benefits of using these fireplace glasses.

  • For offering beauty and style, these are the right options for your home and apartment.
  • Your family and kids are safe from the flames and log sparks. It means this is the right way to get protection.
  • It can be an energy-efficient product that can help you in reducing your utility bills.
  • These glass doors are highly wonderful for offering efficient burning.
  • It reduces your effort to clean up the area.

The Fireplace glass doors reduce the chances of logs tumbling and sparks out of the fireplace that can damage the tile, roll right into someone standing close to the fireplace, melt linoleum, and destroy carpeting, wood flooring, and others. Without these fireplace doors, cinders and sparks are free to float and pop up from the fireplace and land on furniture, clothing, and floor. It can be harmful to the furnishings. It causes remarkable damage or puts the house in the fire.

How Does Fire Glass Work?

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Do you know it is pressure or chemically treated to make it resistant to sunlight and heat? So that it sits safely in flames without producing or melting any toxic fumes. Over the burners, these pebbles are placed directly. You will enjoy the dancing flames on the top. It retains a lot of heat from the flames as well as radiates it outwards.

How to Use These Glass Doors?

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These are very easy to fix on the fireplace or outdoor fire pit. It is good to fix in a gas-electric stove and glass gas stove but not good to fix with real burning logs. It is a good option for replacing the fire logs. There are different styles of these glasses that are available in the market to offer a shimmering appearance.

Types and Designs of Fireplace Glass That Impact Cost Estimation

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Tempered glass is famous with the name of the high-temperature glass-ceramic. It is available on an economy fireplace or low temperature. On the other hand, it is found on a high-end wood stove and fireplace. Most of the apartment complexes, hotels, restaurants, bars, and others use it in their outdoor fireplaces to increase sophistication. It is available in a variety of designs and styles.

  • The choice of designs and colors depends on you because each color gives a different vibe every time. However, there are some points that you should keep in mind.
  • What is the color of the furniture in your surroundings?
  • What is the style of your furniture?
  • What do you like with Fireplace glass doorsmore rustic or more modern?
  • Light colors offer shine and are more reflective that is used for a chic or exotic design.
  • The dark color looks more rustic and classic.

You have several color options to select from the following list.

  • Black Pearl
  • Koi
  • Ruby red
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Caribbean blue

You can choose any of the colors as per your desire and style of the surroundings.

Types of Fireplace Glass Doors

There are several decorative and modern options. It provides a way to cover up burners and enhance the sophistication of your backyard and living room.

  • Arched Fireplace Glass Door
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It is a timeless and classic choice for your fireplace that inspires a sense of strength and elegance. It is one of the best and incredible options for the majority of the traditional styles.

  • Masonry Glass Door
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In this type, the door is fixed in the masonry fireplace. It controls the amount of air and fixes the draft problem.  

  • QuickShip Fireplace Glassdoor 
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Get a proclaimed glass door for your fireplace. It will be sent to you by shipping.

  • Zero clearance glass doors
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The fireplace glass doors are made with the tempered glass. This is the reason; the glass size comes with the zero clearance.

The Actual Cost of Top-Quality Fireplace Glass Door

A high-quality tempered glass fireplace door’s prices are different for various types of fireplaces. On average, the cost of a glass door for a wood burning fireplace is about $600 up to $3000 for the best doors. The price of the product depends on the size and material as well. A large commercial fireplace needs custom doors that cost about $5000.

With so many designs and options, different conditions have occurred in the installation of the fireplace glass doors. So, you need to discuss it with the experts. The cost is different as per the conditions. In some cases, you have to fix the aluminum frame, and the cost increases due to it.

Pressed or stamped steel for the average sizes and types of the residential fireplace, are the least durable and expensive. It costs $ 600 and above as per the situation. You must stick with the powder-coated finish when you choose this material.


The use of the Fireplace glass doors and installation offers allure to your interior of the house. These are suitable for outdoor fireplaces. The cost differs as per the conditions. When it comes to material, the prime difference is durability and aesthetics.


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