Feldballe perfect place for family social life

It’s not a house, but it is a perfect place for families looking for freedom and social interaction designed by Gus Wüstemann Architects.

Designers have created this special place  for family life, where everybody meets and circulates on the first floor, there we have a beautiful view over the lake of  Zürich, the building separating the parents which is at the top of the building of they children which is at the bottom of the building. Children living in the garden, where everything is white, as in Greek cities, but also happy protected by their parents. In this area we have access to the garden and the pool, where we play various games.
Central living area is connected with a concrete garden sculpture , which is a tribune with beautiful views where you can relax and drink with your friends.
In this social hub we meet a swimming pool.
Privacy is assured of facades made of translucent polycarbonate (scobalit), and to the east there is a private courtyard and in south we put Sky-Frame windows (sliding screens).
The kitchen is a block where you can cook, shower behind a light sculpture.

Location: gemeinde am zürichsee
Year: 2008
Program: family house
Team: gus wustemann, marta b.goñi, rodrigo iturrieta
Photos: bruno helbling


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