Feng Shui like a House Insurance

Feng Shui is a term we all have heard about, but how many of us actually know anything about it? For many of us it is a bit of ‘magic’ that says you will have good luck if you position a pot plant on your desk in a certain way, while for others it is much more: it examines how our environment affects us showing us that there is a link between our surroundings and our inner being. The principle of Feng Shui is to introduce positive changes and influences into our lives so that our surroundings help us achieve what we want rather than going against us. Feng shui is originated in China and it’s tied up in a great number of Chinese theories and practices including the yin and yang as well as traditional Chinese medicines including acupuncture.


These all aim to find a balance between the elements of the universe. The Chinese saw Chi as a vital part of this, as a natural energy force which, depending upon its flow through buildings, can influence how that place feels and how we feel while in it. Within Feng Shui there are 5 natural elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. All of these five elements relate to a specific compass direction as well as colours, shapes, aspirations and seasons as well as having metaphoric representations. Feng shui uses these five elements to influence the space in buildings beneficially to help balance these elements out so no one of them has control of an area. This allows the chi to flow freely through the space, allowing positive influences in. It is important to note that nowhere in Feng Shui literature or the Tao teachings which it is derived from, don’t say Feng Shui will automatically get rid of all problems and cause life to run smoothly – so remember that things like house insurance are still important!  Feng Shui opens up spaces to possibilities and opportunities.











Photo source: Feng Shui philosophy in the modern interior by Perish.











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