New Exhibition Building for Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena

After eight years since the concept design was put on paper, the New Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena was officially opened on 10 March 2012. Wonderful piece of contemporary architecture, the Enzo Ferrari Museum was designed by architects Jan Kaplický and Andrea Morgante, and it is managed by the Casa Natale Enzo Ferrari Foundation.

The new exhibition building was created as a tribute to Enzo Ferrari, one of the greatest Italians of the twentieth century, a motor racing legend and entrepreneur. The museum complex extended on about 6.000 m2 includes a futuristic automotive design gallery with the famous yellow aluminium “bonnet”, embracing the Enzo Ferrari’s Birthplace without soaring above it, like an open hand. Together they create a sensitive dialogue and are able to reflect a strong identity that tells the world about the passion that produced dream cars. Started by architect Jan Kaplický who won the competition in 2004, the project was carried out since 2009 by architect Andrea Morgante  from Shiro Studio and today, the new exhibition building resonates in spirit, language and materials with the cars it is intended to showcase, cars that for Ferrari have always represented a mark of progress, an element of conquest, the tool to explore new frontiers. The structure combines the latest in construction and energy saving technology, being in the same time sensitive to the existing historical context.


The construction has been respecting the environment and the well-being of the visitors; there were used innovative materials according to bioclimatic principles: geothermal source supplies radiant air-conditioning systems, thermal solar panels produce hot water and “blind” exhibition spaces are powered by photovoltaic panels installed in the sound barriers next to the railway lines. It has a sculpted yellow double-curved aluminium roof with ten incisions resembling with those air intake vents on the bonnet of a car which allows for natural ventilation and day lighting, and both celebrates and expresses the aesthetic values of car design. The bright yellow is Ferrari’s corporate color and also the official color of Modena. On the inside, this exhibition container houses a Documentation Centre, an Educational Centre, a conference room, a bookshop and a cafeteria and represents an elegant place to exhibit beautiful cars, and a perfect space to organise conference, launches and cultural events in.

The Ferrari Factory Store located in Serravalle Scrivia, Italy and Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi are other two projects with remarkable design ideas.

Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari - Modena











Photos: © Studio cento 29 and Andrea Morgante.


Project details:

Client: Fondazione Casa Natale Enzo Ferrari
Location: Via Paolo Ferrari 85, Modena, Italy
Concept design: 2004
Completion date: 2012
Site area: 10,600 m²
Gross floor area: 5,200 m²
Contract value: €14.200.000
Architect: Jan Kaplický (Future Systems)
Project Architect: Andrea Morgante
Competition team: Jan Kaplický, Andrea Morgante, Liz Middleton, Federico Celoni
Project team (Preliminary, Detailed, Construction) (2005-2007): Andrea Morgante, Søren Aagaard, Oriana Cremella, Chris Geneste, Cristina Greco, Clancy Meyers, Liz Middleton, Itai Palti, Maria Persichella, Filippo Previtali, Daria Trovato
Art Direction (2009-12): Andrea Morgante (Shiro Studio)
Gallery Exhibition design: Jan Kaplický (Future Systems), Andrea Morgante (Shiro Studio)
Enzo Ferrari House Exhibition design: Andrea Morgante (Shiro Studio)


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