Few essential things you should know about your home plumbing system

Plumbing is that system of your house which can malfunction without giving you any prior notice and it can go wrong at any number of places and for any reason. For example, the air conditioner cycles throughout the day and it remains on and off several times in a day. The sole interaction that you share with your AC is to set the thermostat and alter the air filer, unless it’s time for the yearly maintenance of your machine. As long the users hire a professional contractor for check-ups twice a year, they think that the AC machine should work properly.

But this isn’t the case with residential plumbing as there are too many touch points which can cause problem any time. Are there leaky faucets, running toilet or a burst pipe? Here in this post, we are going to tell you about the home plumbing system which you should know of so that you don’t have to often call a plumber to get things done.

Things to know on daily use

  • Hoses: Did you know that a split hose of a washing machine is the biggest reason behind most of the homeowner’s insurance claims? You could avoid this loss by replacing all those flimsy rubber hoses and use stainless steel instead of them. This is a cheap upgrade which can save you from future headaches.

  • Sewer lines: You can use a live enzyme product for plumbing when it comes to maintaining your sewer lines and keep them from clogging all grease by-products. Although the products can be costly, yet it will save you from loss of money and unnecessary hassles.
  • Drain cleaners: Drain cleaners are usually more convenient but the liquid drain cleaners usually eat the pipes if you overuse or misuse them. So, make sure you use a small amount of liquid drain cleaners.
  • Emergencies: Know the place where the main shutoff of water is located and how you can use it. There are several frantic homeowners who don’t know what to do when their homes are flooding because they don’t know where to turn off the main tap. You should learn these.

  • Hair: If the occupants of your home tend to shed enough hair, buy a hair snare and drain strainer to keep all those single strands of hair and soap scum out from the pipes. A rather cheap purchase at the hardware store will help you avoid problems.
  • Baby wipes: Manufacturers say that most baby wipes are flushable but they are deemed to be the actual culprit of clogged pipes, particularly when you flush in a proper manner. Baby wipes don’t break down in a way the toilet paper does.

What to know about Plumbers

  • Experience matters: Don’t take into consideration about how much cost the plumber is charging you. You have to take into account the fact that experience always matters.
  • Advanced costs: A plumber who has got good reputation with too many years of experience will charge you advanced fees. Watch out for companies who can give a warranty of their services.
  • Licenses counts: Don’t assume that all plumbers who promote about their service is licensed. Such assumptions are dangerous. There’s isn’t any national standard for issuing licenses. Check with the local city hall where you can get directions of local licensed plumbers.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which you should know about the plumbing system of your home, take into account the above mentioned points.



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