Find Out What Time is With a Surrealistic Melting Clock

Whether you believe or not, this interesting clock with suggestive name and intriguing design is a real fully functional timepiece with a mechanism that works perfectly. It was inspired by the famous painting of Dali “The Persistence of Memory “, where it’s seems that melted clocks represented a surrealist meditation on our notions of a fixed cosmic order. Time is relatively and in any case rigid as we perceive it. Time is fluid and the surrealistic and creative design of this melting clock is like a metaphor of this universal concept, litteraly representing the fluidity of time. We think it would be a good decor choice to go with, especially if you like such unusual stuff like this one. Made of plastic,¬†with chrome trim and perfectly balanced, it rests off the edge of any flat surface like at the edge of a bookshelf, the end of a desk or on a mantel.

Although it’s just a little hard to read as an actual timepiece, this appealing melting clock may be an unique and funny gift. You can find the clock on the online shop amazon.