Fish House by Guz Architects

Located in Singapore, Fish House is a phenomenal seafront house designed by Guz Architects. Like all their stunning projects which embody their vision of creating refreshing architecture with sustainable design technologies, Fish House is a luxurious residence which embraces an exquisite modern and environmentaly friendly design, giving their residents the opportunity to live comfortably and in harmony with nature.
Occupying a total area of 726 square feet, the residence is a dream house, perfect for Singapore’s tropical climate- hot and humid: natural surroundings, interiors with open, breezy space, connected to the outdoor terrace and a large swimming pool, high-tech features. The architects aimed at keeping the plan and spaces as open as possible in order to integrate them with nature encouraging natural air ventilation. Almost every corner in this amazing house benefits from spectacular panoramic views of the ocean thanks to large windows that replace walls. Its spacious interiors display modern and simple, yet luxurious design with wooden high ceilings layout and eye-catching details that intend to keep the rooms airy and with more free space. It’s like living outdoors. The bedroom has open toilet, bath and a view of the garden.
Fish House is expended with an amazing swimming pool surrounding the entire house which gives a fresh holiday feel. It has a generous deck which provides enough space for lounge chairs and covered area for entertainment. The idea of nature connection is reinforced by having the basement level media-room with a u-shaped acrylic window which allows diffuse natural light in and also views out into the pool. What a great feeling being underwater and without getting wet while relaxing in front of your favourite movies. Ocean waves-shaped roof with grass offers residents another outdoor leisure space. Besides that, it’s almost totally covered by this photovoltaic panels supplying enough energy to the house.

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Photos: © Patrick Bingham Hall.

Project details:

Architects: Guz Architects
Location: Singapore
MSE Engineers: C&S Engineers
M&E Engineers: Herizal Fitri Consultants
Area: 726 sqm
Gross Floor Area: 540 sqm
Project Year: 2009

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