Five Design Tips for Living Alone

Whether you love it or hate it, living alone has its advantages and drawbacks. There are plenty of ways to make living alone great and other ways that it can be quite lonely.

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One of the things that you should pay attention to the most is the design layout of your home. You can make your place a sanctuary. You can make it conducive to your lifestyle. 

The worst thing you can do is allow your home to become a place you let go. Don’t let it become a dirty bachelor or bachelorette pad. Instead, if you take time to design your home and create something you feel comfortable in you will be happier and healthier. Below are five design tips for living alone.

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Make a Dining Area

Even if you love sitting on the couch and watching something on your TV as you eat, making a dining area is important to any household. You should make a place where other people can come and have dinner with you. You may not care much, but if you don’t have a place to consistently eat and sit down, you aren’t treating yourself as well as you should. It’s so easy to eat over the sink. Don’t do it. Your house is your home. When you create a space to dine with friends and family, you will feel a lot better about your home overall.

Create a Pet Friendly Space

When you live alone, it’s a good time to get a pet. You might not have room for a dog, but there are plenty of other pets you can have in a small space. One of the best things you can do for yourself when you live alone is to create a pet friendly space. You might want to get a cat but are afraid of shedding. 

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You would want to avoid them clawing at the furniture. Luckily, there is plenty of cat friendly furniture you could buy to avoid that completely. Whether you are lonely or not, having a pet in your house changes your mindset and the way you feel about being home. Creating a pet friendly space is a great way to improve your solo living situation.

Opt for an Open Space Concept

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Another thing you can do is opt for an open space concept. This gives you more space and options to create your own atmosphere. One of the most important parts about an open concept is that you create zones. Even if you don’t have walls in a studio apartment, you can zone off spaces for eating, working, and relaxing. Depending on your situation, if you can create an open space concept to create more room mentally and physically, you will benefit from this design plan.

Hang Stuff on the Walls

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A lot of people who live alone don’t feel the need to hang stuff on the walls. You may not realize how much this affects your mindset. When you put photos of your friends and family on the walls, you will feel happy when you look at them. If you put up posters of things you like, you’ll smile thinking about what the poster represents. Like creating a dining area, putting in the time to hang stuff on the walls will pay off. When you are surrounded by things you like, you will feel more at home.

Organize & Optimize

Just because you live alone, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t organize your space. It is a great idea to optimize your home. When you give yourself the space and organization to enjoy your time at home, you will be happier and healthier. It’s easy to do the bare minimum when you live by yourself. Put effort into your space and optimize your environment. Once you get started, you will be happy that you did.

Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash

Living alone has its benefits and drawbacks, but if you spend the time to think about the space and make it friendly to your loved ones and pets. If you make your space conducive to others, you will have visitors. When you live alone, the design of your home matters. You should make good use of your space and create a home that makes you feel good. When you feel at home, you will be happier and healthier. 


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