Five ways to update your bedroom wardrobe

The average wardrobe is a cluttered mess. It’s also one of the last things we think of updating (unlike the clothes it hanging inside it). Yet its design affects the start and end of our daily routine. But you don’t need to struggle to find what you want to wear each morning. Here are five ways to update your bedroom wardrobe. 

Choose the Right Hangers 

Before anything else, sort through your clothes and get rid of the 20% of clothes you’ll never wear again. See, you’ve already effectively increased the size of your wardrobe. You can make even more space by choosing the right hangers. For example, replace clunky wood hangers with thinner wire hangers. Alternatively, you can get velvet hangers which are incredibly thin, free up space, and stop clothes sliding off.

Install a Rail Extender

A rail extender creates a second rail in your wardrobe so it’s a great way to double your storage space if your wardrobe is tall enough. And because you can choose where to position the extender, you can ensure your clothes won’t rub against the floor. You can also get shorter rail extenders that don’t run the full length of the wardrobe. This leaves you with space to hang full length dresses and suits. 

Set Up Hanging Shelf Organizers 

All wardrobes need hanging shelf organizers which give you de facto shelves without having to buy other pieces of furniture or renovate the closet. These shelves are perfect for storing shoes, socks, and accessories. You can also add hanging organizers designed for specific items like scarves or ties.

Install a Back of the Door Storage Unit 

The back of the doors is space usually wasted in most wardrobes but you can use them to store items like shoes, ties and random beauty items. Depending on the size of your wardrobe, you could even put storage rails or hooks on the door to hang purses, ties and jackets.

Consider Drawers 

Depending on your wardrobe’s size, you may want to add a chest of drawers. This gives you a place to store delicate undergarments and supplement your dresser’s limited space. Alternatively, look for extendable shelf storage racks. These create new shelves in the closet where can lay shirts, folded skirts and other items on them. You can also put jewelry organizers and light storage baskets on them.


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