Five Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom Into A Spa Experience

Who doesn’t love a spa day? It’s a day all to yourself or with one of your best buds, being pampered, lavished, and cared for in a relaxing, soothing environment that brings a sense of peace and warmth.

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Spa days are many people’s answer to the stressors of life and for good reason, as people can emerge from a spa day feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on whatever life throws at them.

Photo by Curtis Adams

But finding the time or ability to take a whole day to ourselves isn’t always possible, especially with other life obligations that we all have like family, jobs, and chores. And while spa days are fabulous and should be enjoyed by everyone, for some they can be quite expensive and hard to justify. Many people don’t feel as if spending that kind of money on just themselves is worth it, but it is! And also, there are easy ways to make even a small amount of private time in your bathroom feel more like a luxurious spa experience.

Declutter Your Counters

A big way you can transform your bathroom into a more peaceful space is to declutter so your room is simple and clean. It’s easy for the bathroom counters to become full of product, or for bathroom cleaning (aside from the toilet and tub) to get neglected. Take the time to do a deep cleaning of this space and reassess how your counter space is used. Maybe you can incorporate some pretty baskets or shelving (or a combination) to keep your countertops from being full of product. Less clutter makes a space feel more open and welcoming.

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Upgrade Your Space

While this is more of a big project upgrade, maybe it’s time to give your bathroom a refresh. Even some new towels or a new shower curtain can change the way the space feels for the better. New colors, new light fixtures, or even a slight change in layout can give your space a complete change of look and feel. Incorporating happy, calming colors and lines, and even some small touches like some greenery or aromatherapy, can accomplish the same. Simple bathroom upgrades can make all the difference in your relaxation time.

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Change Your Showerhead

Have you been coveting that beautiful huge stone shower with the water coming down like rain, or the sprayers on the walls that wash your body, but it’s just not doable for you? Instead, think about changing your shower head. The shower heads available today that will fit shower spouts universally are very impressive. Shower heads are available that can give you a massage with water, light up, or even pour down like you are outside in a rain storm instead of inside your bathroom. This one little change can add a bit of luxury that makes taking a shower feel like a new experience.

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Add Some Seating

If you have the space either in your shower or just in your bathroom, try adding a small chair. A shower chair is a beautiful luxury that allows you to bask in the falling water without having to stand up. In turn, this can help make things like shaving, soaping, and even rinsing just a touch easier. Adding a chair in your bathroom encourages you to take your time and relax. Have a seat while you are adding your lotion and take your time to make sure it is absorbed well. Or just wait awhile to let the steam engulf you before you open that door and get back to reality.

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Upgrade Your Products

For those unable to make bigger changes to their bathroom spaces, even changing the products you use can make a big difference in what your bathroom experience feels like. Even acne products or help with sensitive skin can be upgraded by decanting into more attractive vessels or stored in a pretty basket or tray. Simple storage that is incorporated into your design combined with bottles, trays, or baskets can give a look of cleanliness and organization that will bring a sense of calm to your space. Don’t forget about color here as well. Calming, neutral, or soothing colors can easily be added with these touches.


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