Flooring ideas for each room in the home

Decorating your home, whether for yourself or as a way to increase the value before selling or renting it out, can be tricky. While picking out all of the colour schemes and decor features can be exciting at first, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by so much choice. If you’re not careful, you could end up opting for a style that doesn’t reflect your home in the best light, leaving you unhappy and your chances of investment success slim. 

Since flooring is such a major aspect of any home, it’s important to make sure you choose the best styles possible. Here’s a helpful guide that outlines some of the best and most popular flooring ideas to use in each room of the home. 

The living room

The living room is both a place you retire to at the end of a long day and a place that you entertain guests from time to time. That’s why it’s a good idea to find the perfect mix of comfort, style, and practicality when decorating this room. 

You might initially find carpet the most comfortable choice to use in the living room, but you have to think about practicality. Since the living room is often a place you sit and enjoy a glass of wine or two, or your morning coffee, it’s a danger zone for spillages. For the perfect mix, choose hardwood or laminate flooring which will be easier to clean and offer an attractive finish. 

Laminate flooring is the most common choice for property investment companies like RW Invest when it comes to their buy to let properties, as it looks great, is strong and sturdy, and is less prone to damage than other flooring types. If you want to keep that comfortable feel that comes with carpets, simply add a floor rug to your living room which will be less costly to replace than full carpets. 

The bedroom

In the bedroom, comfort is the number one priority, which means carpets are often the go-to choice. Since you tend to be less likely to spill drinks, drop food, or make any other type of mess in this room, you have more freedom with flooring options than you would elsewhere. 

To ensure your carpet lasts for as long as possible, look for styles made from more durable materials like loop pile or twist pile. This is especially important if you plan to rent your property out for buy to let purposes, meaning you’ll need to replace your flooring much less often. 

The kitchen

This is a room that’s prone to plenty of splashes and spillages, so you need to make sure you choose kitchen flooring that is durable and water-resistant while still looking good. Laminate flooring is perfect to use in the kitchen as well as the living room, but if you want to mix it up a bit, consider granite flooring. Granite stone flooring is one of the most durable styles out there, being able to survive any smashed glasses without a scratch. This type of flooring also works great paired with stone worktops for a sleek and sophisticated look. 

The bathroom 

The bathroom is another room that requires high-quality water-resistant flooring due to its humid atmosphere. Porcelain floor tiles are definitely the most luxurious choice to use in this room, with the ability to increase the value of your property significantly. The only downside is that this flooring can be a little pricey for the higher-quality brands. If you’re on a lower budget, linoleum flooring works just as well in the bathroom and can be found in a range of beautiful patterns and colours to match any decor. Just make sure you hire a trusted professional to fit your linoleum flooring to avoid any water seeping underneath, and ensure it’s a fully water-resistant style. 


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