Floors – the conscientious choice

Hardwood flooring is the perfect choice of floors whether you are looking to re-flooring a basket court, an atrium or just your home. The durability of these floors is unbelievable and will last you decades and decades. But why is that? Hardwood floors from junckershardwood.com are based on the traditions of good Danish craftsmanship, which ensure high quality.

However, that is not all. The great Danish design tradition is also evident in hardwood flooring as a thorough understanding of the uniqueness of wooden materials has made it possible to create floors that are unique and can withstand almost everything you can put them through on daily basis – that is how durable they are. Yet, Junckers is not only about great quality, durability, craftsmanship and beautiful floors. The brand is also all about making a conscious and conscientious choice when choosing floors. 

  • The passion behind the brand 

Junckers have a passion for sustainable forestry. A passion that dates back to the 1930 long before it became hip to promote goods as sustainable. Up until now and continuing resource optimisation remains deeply rooted within the core DNA of the brand. That means that Junckers utilise 100 % of the forested timber and nothing is wasted in the floor manufacturing process. The hardwood used for floors was once used as firewood but with the dawn of electricity demand fell. Instead of wasting precious wood Junckers founder sold it to timber factories but some was left over. Instead of disposing of it, it became the beginning of the first Junckers floors. Hence, every hardwood floor is a representation of conscientious thinking.  

  • Hardwood floors for every purpose 

Are you looking for hardwood floors in the beautifully mesmerizing herringbone pattern for your house, or are you looking for sports floors with excellent friction and ball bounce? Junckers is the perfect option. The best part is, that no matter the floor you choose, it is easily installed. The brand offers proper technical services so that the floors are installed correct – both during and after a floor project. Furthermore, the floors come prepacked making it easy for you or your crew to assemble it, even when in a rush. What makes Junckers stand out in the crowd is that everything is made in Denmark. Hence, you will benefit from knowledge compiled and you can be sure that labour conditions and the whole manufacturing process is safe for workers due to strict Danish legislation that protects the workers.


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