Foldable Roof System for the HVB Forum by the SEFAR® Architecture TENARA® Fabric

Over a century, the HVB Forum, which is located in the heart of Munich, Germany, was the place of banks and financial institutions, but now it is a fashionable place with an open air atrium, where are held business events.

This challenging and futuristic change was possible because of the work of SEFAR® Architecture TENARA® Fabric. The HVB Forum concept was completed in 2006, and the group included architects like Guido Canali and Gilberto Botti, Munich, Germany and engineer/fabricator Clauss Markisen Projekt GmbH, Bissingen, Germany.
The main point of the Forum is the atrium place. Here, the owner wanted to keep the natural light which is entering only from the opening above.


So the SEFAR® Architecture TENARA® Fabric solution, creates a comfortable, modern, unique and safe space that can cover on a bad weather and be open-air when the weather is lovely, being a nice retractable, folding roof system. This lovely roof covers the 3,400-square-foot courtyard and facilitates light transmission. The secret which strengthens this roof consists of the material that they used to built this incredible folding and flexibility roof. The material was a high-strength expanded Fluor polymer woven, and it is Fluor polymer-coated. This material is the best because it will keep apart the mildew, while stored and it will not crack it. Also, this foldable roof system allows 38% light transmission so that all the sun light comes in the courtyard and surrounding office windows.

The HBV Forum is a place where the past and modern building design is combined so beautiful, and the roofs provide a nice and advanced utility with protection from inclement weather and visual appeal.



Photos © SEFAR® Architecture



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