Four ways to add more color to any room of the house

Do you have one room of the house that is just plagued by grays, whites and other neutral tones? Natural hues can be a good thing, but when used in excess, the room may begin to feel a bit weighted and drab. Sometimes all you need is the simplest color accent to bring the room back to life. Here are some ideas for bringing your colorless room from drab to fab:

Rustic_ Chalet

Murano glass: Our search takes us all the way to Italy, but for an interior design accent that adds a burst of lively color, choose room accents made of Murano glass. Whether it be a bowl that draws the attention to the coffee table or something as simple as decorative candle holders, a little bit goes a long way. Look into the Italian company Farsetti Factory that handcrafts home decor objects using Murano glass. Not only do they play with magnificent eye-catching colors, but they also tinker with abstract forms. You can even line the mantle with stained glass photo frames from a strong style statement.


Lux Illimuniation: Whether it’s in your bedroom or the living room, or maybe even your kitchen, make the place spring back to life with some luxurious lighting accents. Whether you’re going for unique recess lighting or artistically painted table lamps, this is a great way to add color without committing to something like a bright red couch or painted purple accent wall. Try a boldy-patterned Majolica-style lamp. In this case, going for a series of colors as opposed to one vibrant color, you will able to pick up a variety of hues to decorate the rest of the room.

mosaic mirror 22

Magical mosaics: I say magical because, in addition to getting mesmerized in some of their magnificent patterns, they have a way of bringing a room from dormant to 100% alive. Many people may tend to skip mosaics these days, but they’re not to be overlooked and can really change the look of a room. Whether it’s a bathroom wall or floor or something as simple as a mosaic-trimmed mirror, this is the technique to look into. And they don’t have to necessarily be bold colors either, they can play with all natural hues as well.

mosaic mirror 2

Colorful centerpieces: Another way to make a vibrant change without a huge commitment. Jazz up some rather drab table tops with colorful or patterned centerpieces. If after a while they just aren’t doing it for you anymore, trade it in for something else or simply swap it to another room. A bold design accent, move it from the coffee table to the kitchen, even a nightstand. Check out some great artisan ceramics with Mediterranean colors like yellow, red an turquoise.

majolica lamp 1

Home decor junkies take note: scour the web and interior design stores for these design accents that will bring any room of the house back to life.


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