Free Inspiring Android Apps to Help You Decorate

Everyone needs at some point inspiration when it comes to interior decorating and while we’re in the era of advanced technology, why not enjoy all the benefits that come along with it and make visions come to life with little resources and time. As these days Google’s OS gets more and more popularity and became a favorite of the public in terms of smartphones, we turn our attention to some interesting and handy Android Apps designed for interior design projects, whose features serve you as inspiration, to find more quickly what products are available in stores, but also to know the latest design trends. Here you have some free inspiring Android apps to help you improve your home design. You can find them to download in Google Play Store just searching by their name.

  • IKEA Catalogue for 2013, a new kind of catalogue

With approximately 350 images, showing almost 1.000 products, this app is, as its name suggests, the Android version for the printed 2013 IKEA catalogue. It’s the official IKEA application for the year to come, full of Scandinavian inpiring ideas and well-designed solutions for home furnishing, no matter what buget and needs. Besides the functions of scrolling through images, pinch-to-zoom the gallery and saving the items, which is extremely useful to take a fast look at what’s available, what is the trend, to get interior design ideas or to show them to someone else, this new 2013 version will make the catalogue to literally come to life. Users will reach a unique way to explore IKEA products, because the app is based on augmented reality. This means that each furniture offer presented in the printed catalogue has a code which is scanned using this app and which allows users to view the furniture items in 3D format. Besides the furniture tridimensional models, customers will find exciting product videos, photo galleries or manual presentation topics for each piece of furniture. This innovation from IKEA comes because it’s celebrating 62 years of the completion of the first IKEA catalogue. Find pages that have the smart icon, scan them entirely and get extra content. Enjoy!

  • Interior Design Gallery HD

Whether you want to improve your home, renovate or remodel, but you don’t know how exactly you want it to look, or just simply search for interior design photos, Interior Design Gallery HD is another gorgeous app that will inspire you with amazing decorating ideas right on your phone. Dedicated to all users, it’s packed with a large collection of selected HD images showcasing a variaty of interior design styles for everyone tastes, from ultra-modern designs to contemporary and more traditional ones. You can see inspiration for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, baby or kids rooms, small space rooms, etc. Users can quickly browse pictures, save them onto( to) phone’s SD card to set as a walpapers or to share them on your favourite social networking services. Many of the ideas presented here are fiction, but there are also simple things, but that you may not have thought ever.

  • Decoration Collection

Decoration Collection app includes beautiful pictures with fresh and creative home designs divided into different categories such as bathroom, bedroom (beds), blinds and curtains, dining rooms, doors and windows, fabrics, furniture or interior design exhibitions. So, users simply choose the category that matches the room they need to decorate and browse through its images to gather ideas. Moreover, the app provides information and proposals on how to organize your future furnitre, how to furnish and decorate home environment.


  • Make Your Home

This app is one of the most popular interior design application, as you can find a great deal of information regarding home improvement with an ever-expanding database with inspiring pictures. It is a useful tool for Android users, whether they are design professionals or simply homeowners, because they are able to find out immediately, not when the thought has passed, tips on how to make little changes but with great effects, what to keep and what to change in order to achieve either a futuristic or a retro look. In most of the cases, you want to bookmark your favourite photos and to share them with others on Internet, so „Make Your Home” app allows you to do that anytime you want. It’s compatible with all Android 1.6 or higher devices and you should know that it comes with some search links in the form of an icon, homepage and bookmark link, which can be easily removed, if you don’t want to use them.


  • Color Matcher

Color Mather is another great app for color management, which helps users to save the almost exact colors of the objects from the picture you have taken with your device and keep them organized with title and description in a list to which you have access anytime. It’s very useful considering the fact that taking a picture it doesn’t mean to captured the real colors of the objects. What it does this app is actually allowing you to adjust the hues in order to get the closest to the desired real ones.

  • Image Color Picker

Image Color Picker is an awesome Android app which does exactly what its name says: it picks colors. If you need to find out what color is in a picture, then this mobile application is for you. Why is so useful? Acting as a color inspiration tool, Image Color Picker will detect you the Hex Code, RAL System code, RGB and RAL System name of the color you want to know from photos taken with your Android smartphone.

  • Interior Design Lesson Videos

If you feel that watching a video instead of reading articles or seeing photos with interior design ideas, then this application is for you. It consists of tones of lesson videos with tips and tricks, advices and information on how to design and decorate everything you want in your home. That sounds very interesting, isn’t it? And above all, it doesn’t cost a thing. It’s free. It may probably show icon adds and notification, but you can opt for deleting them in a very easy way.

  • Living Room Design

Through this nice app you will discover a large selection of the most exciting living room designs. Easy viewing, it’s a mobile phones picture album with high-resolution adorable images to create you a real visual experience. It’s great to look at for ideas and save them on your Android device.

  • ColorSmart by BEHR™ Mobile

ColorSmart provides users multiple posilibilites of curstomization associated with color matching. Very easy to use and more intuitive than the website, this paint app is very good for getting a geenral idea of how colors in different rooms work together. Through it, you can find, coordinate and preview a BEHR® paint color anytime you have a paint project. It’s great if you are looking for paint to match a furniture item in your room, browsing the color palletes even if you’re not looking specifically for Behr paint. After you’ve make your color choices, the app allows you to save any of them to your mobile phone and share with your friends via Facebook wall. Moreover, it has a Store Locator feature with which you can find the closest store and a Paint Calculator feature if you want to know how much paint you’ll need before starting your decoration project. Be aware that mobile devices’ screen displays may not show you the most accurate color representation and it might not match BEHR color standards.

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