Futuristic bridge concept designed by Paik Nam June Media Bridge

Korean creative director Byung Ju Lee of Planning Korea announced a new paradigm in futuristic bridge concept designed by Paik Nam June Media Bridge from South Korea inspired by the shape of the water strider which is crossing the Han river.As you can see from the photos this mega construction will develop a great possibility for people to enjoy the public museum and library with the latest IT technology, big spaces for parking their cars or bicycles, develop the tourism, shopping and relaxation facilities,  cruise ship dock,  and so on.It is very important to mention that Paik Nam June Media Bridge has a structure covered with solar panels to generate energy by itself.

Below I’ll give you some technical information

Location: Seoul, Korea Bridge length: 1,080m

Pier height: 18m

Maximum arch height: 72.5m

Maximum width: 89m

Total floor area: 103,620m2

Area for road: 18,190m2

Area for building: 85,430m2


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