Futuristic Design and Friendly Atmosphere: Hotel O in Paris

In case you are planning to leave for Paris, you’d better check this luxury hotel with astonishing futuristic design, located in the heart of Halles district in Paris, only a few minute walk from historical areas such as the Louvre and Tuileries Gardens, Seine River and Ile de la Cité with the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral. Ideal for your trip to Paris, be it a business trip or just to spend your holidays, Hotel O (“O” comes from Othello, but also from Ora-ïto) is an amazing location, which creates you a new and unique experience through its impeccable service presentation and its fantastic 29 space capsules-looking rooms.

Completed this year, in 2012, the hotel is the first one that famous French designer-architect Ora-Ïto opened in Paris in collaboration with hotel group Elegancia Hotels. Hotel O is such a heaven of peace, where wellness and comfort reigns. The concept is based on designer’s philosophy called “simplexité”, or the art of making something complex look apparently simple. In accordance with the original style of Ora-Ïto, the hotel is an harmonious blend of clean, lines, gentle curves and a relaxing delicate style, which create a smooth transition from outer space to the bustling Parisian day life.

Embedded with atypical structures and futuristic details emphasized by light effects and natural shades, the stunning hotel welcomes its guests in spaces which seem taken from SF movies achieved through many fabrics, colors and wood. A series of small rooms that resemble a ship’s cabin are designed from a contemporary mode and supported by modern technologies, and promise you to protect from outside world and stress of the city.  As a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s iconic space ship Discovery One in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), each room has its own personality appearing fluid and soft and referring to science-fiction because of he names of the three types of rooms – Galileo, Odissey, and Cocoon.

Called “capsules” from their intimate size from 12m2 to 16 m2, the rooms has been decorated with a specific color: turquoise, fuchsia, orange, red, etc., thus participating in the creation of a graded path that runs throughout the building. The bathroom, fully open, is separated from the bed by a gradient glass. The hotel bar is open daily, being part of a dynamic mixing natural setting and futuristic. Cocktails at the request are original creations on the menu of this place, which aims to become a fashionable place. The card renewed every month will both sip fruit juices and original cocktails. A selection of the finest beverages is on display in an alveolus glass casing on the wall to which you can inspire your choice of on demand cocktail. The perfect chemistry to a cosmopolitan ambiance, where glamour and balance walk side by side to create the most mesmerizing Parisian evening.

Photos © Serge Ramelli

Project details:

Year: 2012
Location: Halles district, Paris
Brand: Hotel O
Category: Commercial
Design studio: Ora-ïto

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