Garden Design Ideas to Try this Year

There is no doubt that we don’t invest enough time into our gardens as we do in our homes; this could be down to the fact that the UK isn’t always guaranteed the best weather! However, that’s no excuse for not making the most of your outdoor space; it can still look beautiful even in the rain, as long as you plan it accordingly. It doesn’t matter whether you have a spacious garden or only a small area to work with, you’d be surprised at how easily you can transform the space.

Garden designs can range from the extraordinary to the understated. Changing how your garden looks can be a decision you enjoy for years to come, even if we don’t always have weeks of sunshine to look forward to. So, if you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration to transform your garden this year, look no further! Take a look at the following ideas and tips to help you on your way.

Plan what you want to plant

If you’re hoping to create a garden that is in full bloom, giving you a colourful, exciting space to look at every day, then you need to plan. Some of the best garden designs start with structural plants, such as evergreen shrubs, and then punctuated with brighter flowers. Start framing your garden with those structural plants first, then fill the gaps!

You may also want to consider your paving stones, as certain colours will go better with your colourful flowers. For example, grey or white stones in your garden will look good if you have purple and white flowers. Black or silver paving, which gives a much more contemporary feel to your garden, will look great with red, orange or yellow flowers.

When planning your garden, think of the different seasons and how you’ll accommodate for each; this way, you might be able to achieve year-round colour in your garden.

Patio and porch décor

The patio area of your garden is as important as the rest of your outdoor space, as is the porch at the back of your home if you have one. Don’t leave them out of your garden design plan! You can spruce up the area with different planters and make sure it is an interesting part of your garden, along with your lawn and flowerbeds. Whether you have a stone patio, wooden decking or even a small porch area, there is something you can do to make it look much better.

Adding plants at the edge of your porch to frame the area, or even dotting different shaped planters along the patio can help the area to stand out that little bit more. After all, you may have more patio than grass, so it’s important to make the most of it!

Choose the right planters


If you don’t want all your plants planted in the flowerbeds, you have other options. There are so many different outdoor planters to give your garden a bit of variety, from hanging baskets to tall planters and everything in between. Using rectangular planters can help to separate your garden into various different zones, should you wish to experiment with different looks.

Whether you’re hoping for a Mediterranean-style garden, or a classic English country design, the planters will play a huge part in capturing the look.

With so many options now available, you can take advantage of modern materials to finish off your garden perfectly. Adding some character to your outdoor space, choosing the right planters could make or break your dream design.



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