Gas Station by Atelier SAD

Atelier SAD completed in 2011 a re-moderrnization project for a gas station in their own unique way. Located in the Slovakian city of Galanta, the gas station is displaying an unusual and fanciful architectural design, which certainly draws anyone’s attention especially during night. The gas station area with over 3,000 square meters stands out due to its three funnel – shaped columns that support a melded trio of curvy horizontal discs which resembles like massive mushrooms or as an alien object.

Glowing neon lamps lit from the ceiling surfaces where columns meet discs, conturing the indicated spaces for vehicles to pause for the gas pumps. Unusual inspiration for a gas station we must say, because you don’t see everyday such a design, but in fact a modernist and inspiring concrete structure contrasting beautifully with the wooden cubic kiosk appearance.

Photos: © Tomáš Souček.


Project details:

Architects: Atelier SAD
Location: Matúškova cesta 887, Galanta, Slovakia
Design Team: MgA. Adam Jirkal & MgA. Jerry Koza & Ing. Tomáš Kalhous & Koen Huyghe & Ing. Arch. Vít Markvart & Dušan Sinetar
Collaborators: Pro Global
Project Management: C-Partners
Area: 3,322 sqm
Completion: 2011


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